About Grandad

The Beginning

I am a real Grandad and it all started with me writing stories for my amazing grandchildren, then their school liked my stories and finally I had so many stories, so I created this site.

For all Children

I write for all children and also for adults, who allow the child within them, escape and be free. My stories are full of adventure and fun and open the door to many new worlds.

The Magic

Life is full of stories and here are just a few of them. I believe something magical happens when you read a good story and it becomes a bundle of magic and treasure.


I write funny stories, which are full of laughter and fun and also non-fiction stories which cover certain subjects in a soft way. I will never stop making magic.


Stories are an inseparable part of our lives and i strongly believe, that a child who reads, will be an adult who always thinks and questions.

All Stories

All stories are in normal size print, large print and now also in audio. Reading is dreaming with your eyes wide open and is the most amazing adventure.

The Mad Repair Company

There is this little known repair company down an alley way, off the High Street, that employs some amazing repair men and women and is run by a hippie boss.


Isla loves to dance, from the time she gets up, until she goes to bed, she dances everywhere. Soon she will be dancing in her first competition.

Phil the Puppet

Phil the Puppet sat in toy shop window, he wondered if anyone was ever going to buy him. Other toys had come and gone, but he just sat there waiting.