Theo's Dinosaur Adventure
written & illustrated by grandad


Theo had, had a hard day at school and was very tired, as it was Friday night, he could sleep in. His dad started to read him a story about dinosaurs, Theo loved dinosaurs, but he was so tired before his dad had finished the third page he was fast asleep.



When he woke up, he wasn't in his room, he was in a strange land standing near to him, was a group of dinosaurs. Theo thought if he blinked he would wake up, he must be dreaming he thought, so he blinked but the dinosaurs were still there. So, he wasn't dreaming, he really was in this strange land with dinosaurs.



Theo started to walk away from the dinosaur, as he did the dinosaur said "Where are you going Theo?" Theo froze, dinosaurs don't talk. "Yes we can, well at least the good ones" said the dinosaur. "Is this a dream?" asked Theo, "what do you think? "replied the dinosaur. "I don't know" said Theo.



Theo didn't have much time to think, when suddenly he heard an almighty roar. The dinosaur took off, up the path and once Theo turned round and saw what was making the noises, saw some really nasty looking dinosaurs and quickly followed the dinosaur.



Theo didn't need asking twice and he ran after the dinosaur far up into the mountains away from the nasty looking dinosaurs. Finally, they got to a safe place, Theo had never run so fast before, he was exhausted. The dinosaur said "Theo, sleep for a while, I will stand guard over you, you will be safe." Theo was not sure, but he really was tired, in the distance he could hear the dinosaurs roaring.



He sat down and thought about it, could he really trust this dinosaur, he looked friendly enough, but how can you tell if a dinosaur is good or not. He wondered if he went to sleep, would the dinosaur eat him. He decided that he would trust this dinosaur, if he didn't he would be all alone in this land of dinosaurs. The roaring got louder and he wondered how far away they were. He began to wonder what other creatures there were in this strange land.



The dinosaur had told him that for him to survive in the land he would have to go to dinosaur school, Theo wondered what that would be like. Theo finally laid down and closed his eyes, as he did the dinosaur stood over him making sure that he shielded Theo from the strong sunlight.



As Theo was sleeping he dreamt about the school for dinosaurs, he remembered what the friendly dinosaur had said "To survive in this land you will need to go to dinosaur school." School oh no, it's Saturday I don't go to school on Saturday, thought Theo.



After that dream Theo woke very quickly and went to a stream to wash his face, he then sat by the stream and told the dinosaur about his dream. The dinosaur roared with laughter, "there are no other humans in our school, it is just for dinosaurs and the teachers are dinosaurs too, but we will allow you to go." 



Their talk was interrupted by an enormous roar, the other dinosaurs had got much closer they looked down the mountain and could see them half way up. "Theo, we have to go now" said the dinosaur. Theo didn't need being told twice and followed the dinosaur.




For the next 2 hours they climbed and climbed until they came to a cliff face, Theo looked at the dinosaur, he was worried they were trapped. The dinosaur just smiled, "don't panic, we are safe now, we are at the secret door, they can't get through, they will have to go around and that will take them 2 days."



With that the dinosaur stood up and pressed a rock high up on the cliff, suddenly the cliff face opened and as Theo peered in he could see a wonderfully green land with dinosaurs everywhere. They walked through and as they entered this new land the opening behind them closed.



Theo became frightened as a number of dinosaurs came over and he hid behind the friendly dinosaur. He looked and was surprised there were all sorts of dinosaurs, ones which he considered were real dinosaurs and there were even cartoon looking ones.



He slowly came out from behind the dinosaur "what is this land?" he asked "This is the land of the unwanted dinosaurs, where all the dinosaurs who are no longer wanted come" replied a cartoon dinosaur now walking close to Theo.



"So, who are the other dinosaurs?" asked Theo. "Ah well they are the last of the real horrible ones, they want to eat all humans and us, they want to rule the world." Replied a very huge dinosaur who had now joined them. They went onto explain, that although they were very fierce and dangerous, they were in fact not very bright.



Most of the time they could outwit the fierce ones, but sadly sometimes they did catch some of the unwanted dinosaurs. So that;s why everyone new has to go to dinosaur school to learn how to outwit the fierce dinosaurs. School would start tomorrow Theo found out, so today they would show him around the land.



Theo was getting hungry and thought about all the lovely food his mum cooked him every day, this made him even more hungry. The dinosaurs realising, he was hungry bought him some fruit, this was ok, but Theo wanted his mum's cooking. "That's no good for a human" said a dinosaur, Theo looked and he could not believe it, there standing in front of him was a dinosaur wearing a chef's hat.



He just stood there looking at the dinosaur, "come with me Theo, would you like some eggs and mushrooms?" Theo nodded and followed the dinosaur. After eating his eggs and mushrooms, he went for a walk with some of the young dinosaurs. They took him to a cliff edge and they all looked down, there they saw the land of the fierce dinosaurs, even this high up they looked very big.



One looked even bigger to Theo, he turned to say to the dinosaurs, he looks big, but all the dinosaurs had disappeared. Theo then realised the dinosaur was big because he was flying towards him. "Theo" shouted one of the dinosaurs, he looked and saw it was hiding in a cave, Theo ran towards it with the fierce dinosaur now right behind him and just managed to get into the cave.



"That was scary" said Theo. He looked at the dinosaur in the cave with him, he was out of breath, he was trying to make flames come out, but all what was coming out was smoke. "Yes" spluttered the dinosaur, "they keep attacking us more often." They left the cave and found the other dinosaurs, as they walked back to the village, they told Theo, that the fierce dinosaurs have grown in numbers.



By the time they got back to the village, it was getting late so everybody went to bed, except the dinosaurs who were on guard duty, they patrolled and flew over the village looking out for fierce dinosaurs. Theo laid on his bed for a few moments, wondering again what dinosaur school would be like, before he could think about it, he was fast asleep, it had been a very busy day.



Next morning, he woke up early, looked outside, he saw the dinosaur was preparing eggs, the eggs were enormous, he loved eggs, but it would take him all day to eat these. "Is that just for me?" asked Theo, the dinosaur laughed and said "no Theo, some of us like fried eggs too." As they sat and ate the eggs, Theo asked why the fierce dinosaurs kept attacking, was it really true they just wanted the land.



The mother dinosaur said "Theo can you keep a secret?" "Yes" replied Theo. We don't even tell the young dinosaurs, because we don't want them to know, but you are a clever boy and you will understand." "Yes, they want our land, but more than that they want our gold." "GOLD" shouted Theo. The mother dinosaur went on to explain that it was very special gold that it was millions of years old and had very special powers. It enables the dinosaurs to live for ever.



"So, we have to protect the gold and make sure those fierce dinosaurs don't get it. If they do, they will rule the land and we will no longer have anywhere to live. Will you help us Theo?" "Yes, I will " replied Theo. "You must go to dinosaur school and learn all about dinosaurs, then we will talk again and maybe you might have an idea how to protect the gold and even how to get rid of the fierce dinosaurs."



So as Theo walked towards school, he wondered what his teacher would be like. As he was wondering a dinosaur strode past him carrying a school bag. "Hi Theo, you will have to hurry or you will be late." Said the dinosaur. Theo caught up with him and walked with him the rest of the way to school.



As they approached the school door, it opened and Theo stopped, he wondered how fierce the teacher would be. Outside the school door other dinosaurs were already there. When the teacher came out, Theo couldn't believe his eyes. The teacher was an old mummy teddy bear. "Don't be put off by her look, she is the best dinosaur fighter in the whole world." "OK" said Theo, but he was not convinced.



The lessons began and after 30 minutes, Theo realised this old teddy bear was indeed the best fighter in the world. She knew everything about dinosaurs and how to fight them. In the afternoon, the dinosaurs left for the day, but Theo stayed behind as the teacher wanted to give him extra special lessons.



She told him that there was little time left, as the attacks by the fierce dinosaurs were constant and it was only a matter of time before they over run the land. "You are now the only one who can save us Theo" she said. "How?" replied Theo. She went onto explain that the gold must be moved to a place that only Theo would know, but in a place where its special powers would still protect the good dinosaurs.



She went on to explain it would be dangerous and she would understand if Theo didn't want to do it. Theo thought about it and said "I will do it." They then sat down and looked at a map showing where Theo had to get to. It was a strange map full of old and new images, but once the teacher explained it, Theo knew where he had to go. Theo had to leave the village at the dead of night and make for the mountains, he had to be on the mountain before sun rise.



Late that evening, the gold was bought to the village from its hiding place. Theo put the gold into his school bag, it was heavy, but he knew he had to carry it to the new hiding place. The teacher had shown him where the area is, but the hiding place, will be only known by Theo. He said goodbye to the dinosaurs and quietly crept out of the village and headed for the mountain.



At the foot of the mountain, Theo saw the fierce dinosaur which was protecting the mountain, somehow Theo had to get past him and quickly. Theo was very scared, but he really wanted to help the other dinosaurs. Then he remembered the lessons he had with the teacher. He looked in his pocket and found the tube of liquid and began to make bubbles with his bubble maker.



As the bubbles burst on the dinosaur, they made a terrible sound, making the fierce dinosaur move away from the foot of the mountain. The sound was making the dinosaur think there was another dinosaur in the area and the fierce dinosaur was coming to find it. It past only inches away from Theo, he kept very still holding his breath and once it past he ran to the foot of the mountain and started to climb.



After climbing for an hour Theo was really tired and decided to rest. He had only just sat down when it suddenly went very dark. He looked up and quickly jumped up as flying towards him was a huge fierce dinosaur. This was another keeper of the mountain, Theo looked around and was really scared, because there was nowhere to hide. The fierce dinosaur was only seconds away, if Theo was not careful the dinosaur would eat him.



Then again Theo remembered what the teacher had told him, he took out the special sunglasses and put them on. As the sun bounced off them, the glare from them, confused the fierce dinosaur and it started to fly off course and it ended up flying into the mountain and crashing to the ground. Theo now knew he couldn't stop any more, he had to get to hiding place as soon as he could.



After 5 hours of climbing and walking he reached the top of the mountain, he managed to hide behind a rock, so that he could rest for a few minutes, he really wanted to sleep, but he knew he couldn't. He was worried though, he couldn't see the path, to the hiding place the teacher had told him that it would be there. The sun would be up soon and all there was around the top of the mountain were clouds.



The fierce dinosaurs were flying in circles and getting closer and closer to the top of the mountain. Theo really needed to find that hiding place. Suddenly the sun came out and shone through the clouds, then magically Theo could see the path to the hiding place. The teacher told him once he saw the path he had to walk down it, as it would only be visible for a couple of minutes.



As Theo started to walk down the path, the fierce dinosaurs started to dive at Theo trying to knock him off the path, Theo started to run, faster and faster, until he reached the end of the path. As he looked round the path had disappeared and the clouds had come back. He was finally hidden from the fierce dinosaurs and safe now to go to the hiding place. After an hour he finally reached the hiding place.



It was a really beautiful place, very quiet and very peaceful. After a few moments he found the perfect place to hide the gold. He remembered what the teacher had said, if the dinosaurs ever need the gold, they would contact Theo, but for now Theo was the only person who knew where the gold was.



Now he was very tired and knew finally that he could sleep without any worries. He closed his eyes and went to sleep almost immediately. Theo woke up and looked around, he was back in his bedroom, had it really been a dream, or had that really happened. He wasn't sure, he would ask mum and dad what they thought at breakfast.



His school bag was on the floor, as he picked it up, some gold dust fell out. No, it was a dream he said to his self. As he got dressed, he looked out of the window and he couldn't believe his eyes walking past his window and looking in was a dinosaur, had it really been a dream?