written & illustrated by Grandad


Not long ago, nanny left her home in England to travel to the magic land where her grandchildren lived. This is the story of her adventures.



Nanny's grandchildren don't live in just any old place, they live in a magical land, where everything is magical. Once nanny had landed, she still had a long journey in front of her. She will have many exciting adventures on the way and see many strange and wonderful animals. She was met by some of the animals who protect the magic land. "Who are you, what do you want?" Roared a rather large tiger.



Nanny stood really still and said quietly "I have come to see my grandchildren." "You must be nanny, they will be so excited to see you, they are looking forward to seeing you," crowed a bird, who had now joined the tiger. You have a long journey and you must be careful of the monster. He lives in this land and roams from place to place.



Here is the editor of our newspaper, Mr Snappy, he has a photo of the monster. It is not a very good photo, but you must be careful of this monster, he makes very strange noises and funny movements. Nanny moved forward to look at the photo, she was very scared, but she needed to look, so that she would recognise the monster on her travels. She was not going to be put off, as she was looking forward to seeing her grandchildren again.



The monster was nothing like she had seen before. "Does he eat you?" Asked nanny. "No, he just makes funny noises and movements, which in the end sends you crazy" answered Mr Snappy. ""Are you nanny", a voice said behind her. She looked behind her and saw a boy standing there. "Hello, my name is Bray and I am a very good friend of your grandson. I can show you part of the way, to get to your grandchildren."



"That would be wonderful, he talks about you a lot", said nanny. "We need to leave now, while it is still light and head to the land of the naughty monkeys, they are very friendly and they will help you on the next part of your journey." As nanny and Bray started on their journey, everyone came out to wish them good luck. After three days of travelling, they finally arrived at the land of the naughty monkeys. "This is as far as I can go," said Bray.



"Can you see that tree down there, with the big hole underneath it, that's where the chief naughty monkey lives." Said Bray and with that was gone. Nanny waited patiently for the giant chief naughty monkey. Then she heard the chief yawning, he was beginning to wake up. She kept very quiet and waited to see what was going to happen. The chief woke up and stretched and walked about and then suddenly stopped when he saw nanny.



Nanny was very frightened, but she had no need to be, as this was a friendly monkey. "Hello, I have been waiting for you, we are all talking about you. Your grandchildren, know you are coming and they are very excited. Said the chief naughty monkey. "I need to take you on the next part of your journey. I will take you to the land of the dinosaurs. Trouble was that the chief started to chase the butterfly and forgot about nanny, so the other monkeys had to remind him that she was there.



"I am so sorry, I just love chasing things." I wonder when I will see my grandchildren sighed nanny. "You will see them soon" said the naughty monkey. I know that they are excited and are looking forward to seeing you. This made nanny very happy and asked when she could continue her journey. "Before we start I must prepare for the journey, we need to make sure that the monster doesn't follow us," said the naughty monkey.



2 hours later, nanny continued her journey to see her grandchildren. Suddenly the chief said "be quiet there is someone moving in those bushes." Nanny stood very still, while the monkey moved forward. The forest was very quiet, there was no noise, the tress stopped swaying and the birds stopped singing. Nanny got out her rolling pin, just in case. For 10 minutes she stood there, then the chief monkey appeared.




"It's ok, it wasn't the monster, it was just a deer," said the chief smiling. "Another hour and we will be at the land of the dinosaurs, where I must leave you." However, ten minutes later, nanny was surprised when the monkey stopped walking. "Oh no, look it's a butterfly and he told me how he loves to chase them," said nanny. "It's ok, I won't chase it," said the monkey, but he so wanted to. After another half an hour, the monkey stopped.



"Just behind those trees you will find a path and there is an old car there, which is the start of the land of dinosaurs." Nanny thanked the chief monkey and walked past the trees and found the path and there was the car, but inside it was two bears. The chief had told her this was the meeting spot. It was getting very late and becoming dark very quickly. "I need to find somewhere to stay quickly," said nanny.



Suddenly she heard a noise, the bears ran off and turned to see dinosaurs behind her and they looked very hungry. The dinosaurs came closer, they began to lick their lips, nanny stood very still. "STOP" a voice shouted, "This is nanny and she is on her way to visit her grandchildren." Nanny saw the tiger from when she had started her journey. "Hello, very nice to meet you," said the dinosaurs, "sorry, if we frightened you, but we are very hungry."



"You need to get to the boat, which will take you to the land of the scary people, it leaves in 4 hours, but the good news is, we can get you there." Said the dinosaurs. One of the dinosaurs drove her by car and got nanny there on time. To be honest nanny was glad to get to the sea, the dinosaur had driven really fast. "Would you like a glass of lemonade? "asked one of the animals waiting for the boat. "Yes please," said nanny.



"You are nanny, aren't you?" said the pig. "We saw your grandchildren last time we were in the magic land and they are so excited about you coming. The captain of the boat came to nanny almost at the end of the journey, "we are very near to the magic land where your grandchildren are, but now you must pass through the most dangerous land, it is the land of the scary people." As soon as nanny had landed, the boat was gone.



The captain had pointed out a path and told nanny to follow it. After resting nanny walked down the path, suddenly she came to a clearing and there was this scary old house. The captain had warned nanny not to travel at night through the land of the scary people. As it was beginning to get dark, she knocked on the door of the old house and a very scary woman answered. "You want a room? Let me see, Yes I do have one" said the scary woman.



Nanny was not sure, but she was so tired. "Don't make any noise, we don't like noise, the scary woman said. Follow me and I will show you, your room, it is on the top floor" Said the scary woman. Nanny followed her up, so many stairs, nanny was very tired when she got to her room for the night. "This is your room and this is your bed. Sleep well. "she said while laughing.



Just as she begun to shut the door a voice said "grandma, stop scaring the guests, you know you scare them." "Sigh you are no fun Sara, can't I scare them a little bit?" "No grandma." "Take no notice of my grandma, just because we live in the scary land she thinks she has to be scary." "Your grandma is lucky to have you here, right now, I am on my way to see my grandchildren, but it is such a long way," replied Nanny.



"Grandma, go and get your magic mirror, let her use it" said Sara. Nanny wondered what a magic mirror did. The mirror didn't look very magical, it had a picture of the sea in the frame, so it wasn't even really a mirror. "Just think about your grandchildren and leave the rest to the magical mirror," said the grandma. With that she left the room and left nanny alone with it.



Nanny didn't know what to think but as she was missing her grandchildren so much she begun to think about them. Suddenly the photo of the sea begun to disappear slowly, "think harder, I think something is happening" said nanny to herself. So, she thought harder and just like magic the photo changed. Afterwards nanny just sat there not really believing what had just happened. There was a knock at the door and Sara came in. "Did you see them?" she asked. "Yes, I did, thank you so much, "said nanny.



"Try to sleep now, early in the morning you must leave for the last part of your journey," said Sara. Nanny sat on a chair with Sally's dog at her feet, to excited to sleep. Next morning after breakfast Sara took nanny to the path she had to follow. "Go through that gate and you will enter the land of the funny giraffes, say hello to your lovely grandchildren from me." Said Sara. As nanny walked along the path, she came across two giraffes. You are nanny, aren't you?"Asked one of the giraffes. "Yes." Replied nanny.



Are you thirsty, would you like some tea? I know a really nice place to have a drink, the owner looks fierce, but is a pussy cat really." Nanny was thirsty, so she went with them to the coffee shop. When she entered the coffee shop she was a little scared, but she wanted a cup of tea and some cake. Suddenly someone said "Hello." Nanny looked round and there was Bray. Nanny grandchildren had sent him to see where she was.



"After you have finished your tea, we can go and you will be with your grandchildren within two hours," he said They left the coffee shop and passed a giant panda who said to nanny, "your grandchildren are waiting for you." This made nanny smile, she walked a little quicker. Further on she found a rhino and he said "they are waiting for you." Nanny smiled and begun to walked even faster. As she walked she could see in the distance the magical land where her grandchildren lived.



But with all that walking, nanny was tired. So, she sat under a tree. As she rested, she heard the birds singing "they are waiting for you." Again, this made nanny smile, "come on" said nanny, grabbing Bray's hand and started to walk towards the magical land. Suddenly they stopped, in front of them was a lion. "Don't be scared, I am waiting for you, follow the path up the hill and you will arrive at the magical land and your grandchildren's house." He said. Nanny followed the path and entered the magical land of her grandchildren.



Nanny had finally arrived in the magical land of her grandchildren, she knew that she was only minutes away from her grandchildren, it had been a long journey, but now she was about to see them. Finally, she arrived at the door where her grandchildren lived, strangely the door was open, she looked inside and nobody was there. She called out their names, but nobody answered.



She looked in the bedrooms, her grandson's bedroom door was open, there was his school bag, his painting stuff, but no grandson. Then she looked in granddaughter's rooms and they were empty too. "Where can they be?" said nanny. She walked in the living room and "SURPRISE" shouted her grandchildren. They had known nanny was coming and had hidden in the living room. Now nanny's adventure can really begin.

The end, or is it just the beginning, because there is still the matter of the monster. There was never really a monster, but everybody thought it was a monster, because it stayed in the shadows. The monster was actually the grandchildren's dad, nanny's son, who had made sure nanny arrived safely.