Hannah and the Wolves
written & illustrated by Grandad


Hannah decided she wanted to walk in the woods for a while, her mum and dad loved her very much, but today had been tough at school, so she decided to walk for a while in the woods. She loved nature and after an hour went back to where she had left her bike. When she approached, she saw that the bike was surrounded by wolves.



"Hello Hannah tough day?" said the biggest wolf. "Yes, oh my, you can talk." Said Hannah. "Oh, we can do much more than talk." "Replied the wolf. "There is no need to be scared Hannah, we won't hurt you, we just want to help you." Said the biggest wolf. Strange thing was Hannah was not scared.



"Hannah, we have magical powers, which we would love to share with you, we know you have a very searching mind and that you are very creative." It was true Hannah was creative, she loved art and loved discovering new things and having adventures, she had a very open mind.



"How do you know these things?" asked Hannah. "We know and see everything." Replied the big wolf. "oh, how exciting." Said Hannah. More and more wolves came out of their hiding places to see Hannah, she loved the baby cubs, how they darted all over the place, sniffing her shoes and then running back to their mum.



The wolves asked Hannah to follow them to their lair. Outside the lair, Hannah left her bike and waited to be invited in. "Hannah please enter, let us, show you our world." Hannah was so excited and could not wait to see. "What about my bike?" she asked. "it's ok we will look after it for you." Replied the wolf.



Inside the lair, Hannah found a mother and her cubs in one corner, she fell in love with them immediately. "Come and sit with us Hannah, we are all one big family here in our world." Hannah replied "Yes, but I am human. "The mother said "yes, you are, but to us you are Hannah and that's what matters."



"That's different to my world, we go on looks and never see what is inside a person's heart and soul." The wolf replied "very sad." Hannah replied "yes, I know, but I have an amazing mum, she does everything for me and has allowed me to discover who I am, never judges, only encourages and supports me."



"She sounds like a wolf." Said the mother wolf. Hannah giggled and replied "oh I think she is a wolf and a tiger all rolled in one. "The wolf laughed and said "she sounds like a mum, we would all love to have." Hannah was silent for a moment and then said "yes, I agree, I am very lucky, having such a special mum."



Hannah was having a such good time with the wolves, she wanted to leave them a gift. So, she unpacked all her art stuff from her backpack and asked the head wolf if she could draw him. The head wolf was very proud and settled down so Hannah could draw him and the young cubs could not resist having a peep.



The cubs made Hannah giggle, as they crept up on her and then when they saw the drawing of the head wolf, they backed off as they thought he was looking at them and then they got even more confused when they saw the head wolf sitting on the other side of Hannah's easel. Hannah could not stop giggling.




After the cubs went to bed and the stars were out, Hannah sat with the head wolf. "When we found you today Hannah, why were you so sad?" Hannah started to cry and said "it's because I am different in my world, humans don't like different and try to bring me down, but I will never let them bring me down."



The head wolf told Hannah that as wolves, they learn from cubs, that compassion and wisdom goes paw in paw. By focusing on others rather than themselves and by helping each other, they strengthen their compassion. This allowed emotions like anger, hate and jealously to lose their grip and allowed wisdom and compassion to grow.



Hannah told the head wolf, that she is so happy that she has been able to get in tune with herself, to stop lying to herself and to stick up for herself. That she may not address the issue on the day, she might have to calm myself down a little, but she made sure she let people know when she didn't like something or if they've said something that's upset her.



The head wolf roared with laughter and said "well I knew your mum is a wolf and you are too, well done Hannah I am so proud of you." Hannah giggled so much, she nearly fell off the path. "My mum always tells me she is proud of me, it means the world to me and now you are proud of me too." Hannah replied.



Hannah suddenly was very tired and went straight to sleep, as she slept, the head wolf watched over her. All his life he had seen many humans, he believed that humans could learn a lot from nature and animals. However, from Hannah he felt that he and his pack could learn a lot from her.



When Hannah awoke she was alone, but when she looked around, there was a wolf up on the ridge, looking around making sure she and pack were safe. It made her feel all warm inside. "Morning Hannah." Said the wolf. "Morning", replied Hannah, smiling from ear to ear.



What Hannah loved the most, was the wolf cubs, they tried to copy everything the big wolves did. After she had seen the wolf standing on the ridges, making sure the pack was safe. She looked to her left and there was a cub copying exactly what the wolf was doing, it so touched her heart.



Hannah remembered she had some apples in her backpack, before she could even get them out, two cubs came hurrying over. Their mother was close by and said "they won't leave you now." Hannah giggled and pretended to eat one and both cubs sighed, she giggled even more and let them fall to the ground.



They sniffed at the apples, but didn't bite them, they looked at their mum and waited for her to say yes. Hannah sat on the grass and watched them eat the apples. How simple life is she thought, it is very natural, everything is alive, everything having its place, no jealously or anger just like the head wolf said last night.



Hannah's heart was filled with joy, being around the wolves, she could see their love and loyalty for one another. She also loved, that they were very social animals and very protective. She sighed, as she realised this was living together at its best and wished humans would follow the wolves lead.



She had noticed that there was one wolf who was not part of the pack, yet he was always there. "Who is he?" She asked. "My brother, I love him very much, but he has been a bad boy." Replied the head wolf. "Soon we will let him back in, for now we keep an eye on him and he on us."



"Tomorrow morning, I will take you back to where your bike is. Because this is our world, time in your world actually stopped." Said the head wolf. "That's good because I didn't want my mum worrying. Thank you for letting me be part of your lovely world, it is so peaceful here." Replied Hannah.



The head wolf went on to tell Hannah, how much they have learnt from her. The wolf thanked her for the drawing she had done and that they would treasure it forever. That made Hannah very happy, as she loved art, she told the head wolf that she had learned a lot from them and that she will never forget them.



They arrived at the place where she had left her bike, she had to giggle but not let on, as one of the cubs had sneaked ahead and was hiding behind a tree. She blew the cub a kiss, said her last goodbye to the head wolf and pedalled away. Hannah knew she would be back and the wolves knew this too.



Of course, what Hannah would not know, until she returned again, every Sunday the head wolf got out the sketch of him and everyone admired it. Him and his family fondly remembered Hannah and looked forward to her return.