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Clare, loves to dance and I mean, really loves to dance, since the age of two. Her mum Jean, says, "as soon as she learned to walk, she was dancing".  Right now, Clare was even more excited about dancing, as she was going to enter her first dance competition, in 4 weeks time. Her dance teacher had told her, she was ready, Clare was nervous, but very excited. Clare danced when she was happy, even when she was sad, as it was her way of coping with life.

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Clare did not have many friends, but that was okay for her, because she loved dancing and when she danced, nothing else mattered. However, she was really surprised when she got to school next day, as her best friend, had got to school early and told their class about Clare's great news. When she entered her class room, the whole class cheered her and that bought tears of joy to her cheeks. Clare thought not many other children liked her, but she couldn't have been more wrong on this day.

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At assembly, the head teacher called Clare up on the stage and told the whole school about Clare forthcoming competition. Then he asked Clare, if she would dance for everyone. After dancing, the whole school cheered Clare, she went very red, but she loved how she felt. All through the day, other pupils came up to her and said how jealous they were of her and that they wished they could dance like her. Suddenly, she was the most popular girl in the school and she quite like that feeling.

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After school, as she was walking home, she couldn't stop smiling, it had been an amazing day and now she was going to practice her routine. She practiced it with her dance teacher, who she absolutely loved, Basia was Russian and in her 80's and she was the best teacher, that Clare has ever had. Basia from day one, told Clare, she was special, that she had a natural rhythm and a great musical ear. Clare loved every moment she spent with Basia, after every session with her, Clare went straight home and practiced even more, in front of her mirror.


Billie, was her very best friend, Clare's mum said that Clare needed a break, so suggested that they all went to the seaside for the day, next Saturday. At first Clare said no, but then she thought about and decided, yes, actually she did need a break and one day wouldn't hurt. So on the Saturday, they got in the car and headed to the seaside, all the way her and Billie sat in the back and did nothing but talk and laugh. They went on the rides and had fish and chips and before leaving, spent early evening on the beach. As they drove home, Clare realised her mum was right, she did need that break.

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Next day, as her mum was taking her to her dance lesson, the car broke down, so they had to walk the rest of the way. When Clare got there, Basia told her, she had received a phone call and that the qualifiers had been bought forward and that in 5 days she was due to do her routine in front of the judges. The top 16 would go forward to the finals in 3 weeks time. So Basia, told her mum, that she would need to have lessons for 3 hours a day now, until the qualifiers.

Her mum called her Grandad and it came and towed the car away, promising he would repair it and have it ready for the finals. Clare came 3rd in the qualifiers and continued with her dance lessons, working really hard. 3 days before the finals, she went with her mum, to pick up the car from her Grandad, but when they got there, they were shocked, the car was in pieces and covered in dust. "Dad !!!!!!!!! ", said her mum, he went red and promised the car would be ready and true to his word, he delivered it repaired, clean and very shiny.


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The weekend of the finals had arrived, Clare, her mum and Basia, all travelled up to Blackpool together on the Friday, Clare was excited about going to Blackpool and couldn't wait to see the famous Blackpool ballroom, she could not believe tomorrow, she would be dancing there. They had all Friday afternoon to spend exploring Blackpool, they went up the famous tower, went on a tram, Clare rode on a donkey and they had fish and chips for tea, it was a perfect day.


Saturday morning, Basia took them to the ballroom, they finals weren't until the afternoon, but as Clare found out that day, Basia had been a famous dancer in her day. When they got to the ballroom she was recognised immediately by the organisers and they invited them all in. Everyone was busy getting the ballroom ready for the finals in the afternoon.

Clare stood there for a while and then said, " Mum, Basia, I will do my best, I will dance like I have never danced, but I am winner already, I am in the finals, I am in the famous Blackpool ballroom, anything else is the cherry on the cake." Clare looked and both her mum and Basia were crying, she thought she had upset them, but she couldn't have been more wrong. "Oh Clare, we are so so proud of you", replied her mum.

Oh yes, the finals, well that's another story.