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Maddie and billie
written & illustrated by Grandad


"Maddie, hurry up, I want to show you my magical tent," said Billie. "Billie is it really magical?", replied Maddie. Billie carried on holding her hand and guiding her towards his tent. They entered the tent and Maddie was really disappointed and said "Billie, this is just a tent." Billie told her to wait a minute and closed the tent flap and then said "whistle." "Whistle?" asked Maddie.

Billie said yes, so Maddie did and suddenly a funny monkey appeared. "Billie, Billie, look a monkey," she said. "Not so loud, we don't want mum and dad to find out, this is our secret," he replied.

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Maddie agreed the tent was magical and that the monkey was amazing. Billie smiled and replied "yes, the monkey is amazing, but that's not the magical part of the tent." Maddie looked puzzled and replied " Billie, so what is the magical part of the tent?" Billie told her that you told the monkey a place you would like to go and close your eyes and count to five and when you opened your eyes, you were there."

Maddie stared at him and laughed and said, "no, I don't believe that." Billie told her to trust him and said they both love sand, so told monkey they wanted to go to the desert and told Maddie to close her eyes and count to five. Maddie was not convinced, but closed her eyes and counted.

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Three, Four, Five and they opened their eyes and oh my, they were really in the desert. "Billie, Billie, look camels and so much sand, it's wonderful," said Maddie. "Told you, it was magical," he replied. Suddenly Maddie looked worried and asked Billie, how do we get back, he told her that was easy, all they had to do was count backwards and they would be back in the tent. Also if mum and dad called them, monkey would bring them straight back.

So, with that, for a couple of hours, they enjoyed playing in the sand and also Maddie walked the camels. Then Billie said he was hungry and Maddie said she was too and so they counted backwards and they were back in the tent. Maddie told Billie, that this was truly a magical tent and the best tent ever.

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 After lunch, Maddie had a sleep, she was exhausted after playing in the sand and walking the camels, Billie, however, was wide awake and went to the tent and whistled. He told the monkey, he would like to ride on a steam train and counted to five. Suddenly, he was on the platform and a steam train was approaching, he had a small case with him and his teddy bear. There was no clothes in his case, just sandwiches, in case he got hungry.

As the train approached, the driver said, " hello Billie, would you like to help me drive the train? "Oh, yes please," replied Billie. The driver helped him up and told Billie to pull a cord, as he did the trains whistle sounded and that put a big smile on his face. Billie and the driver drove the train to the end of the line and back again. Suddenly, he was back in the tent and the monkey pointed and Billie could hear his dad calling him. "Thank you," whispered Billie to the monkey.


Billie, after his adventure on the steam train was very tired and went to have a sleep. Maddie, after her sleep was wide awake and ready for another adventure. Maddie loved clothes and decided she wanted, to go and visit a fashion show, so told monkey and counted. When she opened her eyes, she was at a fashion show, and she was on the cat walk. She froze for a moment, but suddenly, people started to clap and shouted "Maddie, Maddie."

They loved her outfit and that put a big, big smile on her face. She told everyone, that, mummy had picked her clothes and that she loved the clothes that mummy had picked. She would have stayed longer, but all this excitement was making her tired, so she counted backwards and was back in the tent. When she looked, Billie was there and they agreed that was enough adventures for one day.

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Next day, both Billie and Maddie got up really early, ate breakfast and were in the tent before nine. They had already decided where they wanted to go next and that was to Wimbledon tennis club. They both loved to play tennis in the garden and next week Wimbledon tennis was starting, so they decided it was a great time to go. So they told monkey and counted to five once again and there they were on centre court.

Everybody was getting the tennis courts ready, but on seeing Maddie and Billie, said they can have one game. As they were playing, they looked up, when they heard someone, "can we play with you?"  There stood two very famous tennis players and for an hour they played tennis with them, giving them plenty of tips, on how to play tennis, it truly was a great day.

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One afternoon, they were sitting on the lawn, it was very hot and Maddie looked up at the clouds and said to Billie, " I wonder what it would like to walk in space." Billie giggled and whispered, "why don't we go and find out, it must be cooler up there." Maddie nodded and off they trotted to the tent and five minutes later, they were up in space. They both looked down and could see Earth, Billie told Maddie, he could see their house and she said he couldn't, they both giggled and carried on walking around in space.

Then a space shuttle appeared and two men got out to do their space walk, they were quite shocked to see Maddie floating in space, but they were even more shocked, when Billie shouted "hello," as he stood on top of their space shuttle. They were just about to ask the men what they were doing, when suddenly they were back in the tent and monkey told them, their mum was calling them.

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Maddie and Billie loved their mum and dad very much and they wanted to use one of their adventures in a very special way. They went to the tent and spoke to monkey and he said yes it was possible to do this. So next day, they went to the tent early in the morning, told monkey their plan and counted to five. Then they were in a famous chef's restaurant in London and told him, they wanted to cook a special lunch for their mum and dad, he thought it was a lovely idea and asked them what was their parents favourite food.

Over the next two hours, they helped the chef and his staff prepare an amazing lunch for their mum and dad. Once it was ready, they said thank you to everyone and counted backwards and they were in the tent, there was a table with 4 chairs, the meal already to eat. They called their mum and dad and they were suprised to see the table and the food. "How?" They asked, Billie replied "it's magic, let's eat."


Summer was over, four times their mum and dad had tried to put their tent away, as it was getting cold, but Maddie and Billie wanted to keep it up.  In the end, they had to agree and sadly had to say goodbye to monkey, monkey told them, that he would see them again next summer and promised they would have many more adventures again.

Monkey could see they were sad and told them to wait a moment and then came back with a bubble wand and told Maddie, all she had to do was blow through the wand, while counting to five and they could have one adventure a week. They both thanked monkey so much and ran indoors. Maddie held the bubble wand and said, "where do you want to go Billie?"  They were going to have such fun. Maybe they might see monkey on some of their adventures, who knows, well, maybe they know more than we do.