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Bruno and henrietta
written & illustrated by Grandad


It was a cold winter evening, there was a gale raging outside and inside the cottage sat Bruno and Henrietta in front of a roaring fire. "It's about time we had a short break," said Henrietta. Bruno thought for a moment and replied "yes, I agree, it's been ages since we have been any where, where would you like to go?" Henrietta answered "oh, Bruno, that's easy, I would love to go to Venice, we could go for a long weekend in spring time." Bruno got out his laptop and went online to find a short break and after 20 minutes they found a deal which was perfect for them and they booked it.

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Bruno is a structural steel construction foreman, he works all over the world on different projects, he always makes a point about never being away for more than 4 weeks, before coming home, as he misses Henrietta so much and loves her dearly. Bruno's job means he is working high up and he always follows the safety rules, he has the added protection of being able to fly. Which was becoming a problem, as his workers are always forgetting things and would shout "Bruno, can you get my .........." So, he now makes sure all his workers had everything before they got to the top of the building.

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Henrietta plays the trumpet in an unusal way, in a number of orchestras and travels all over the world too and also is away for weeks at a time, so this short break was good for them both. As a young elephant, it was discovered that she had an unique musical trunk, that it sounded the same as a trumpet. After finishing school she went to a music academy and then to a music university. Heneritta is now very much in demand by many orchestras, so she could work all year round, but she only works 8 months a year and then spends the rest of the time practicising and giving lessons.

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It was very early on Friday morning of their short break to Venice and they had caught the night train to London, as Henrietta always like to be early where ever she goes. So as they were SO early, they left their luggage at the station and decided to visit the Tower of London and Tower bridge, they couldn't actually go into the Tower of London, but they could look at it from the outside. When they got there, they were surprised to find on Tower bridge, there was absolutely no traffic.

When Bruno looked around he saw that Henrietta was wearing dark glasses. "Why are you wearing sunglasses?" asked Bruno. "I don't want to be recognised, I mean I am famous after all," replied Henrietta. "Erm, firstly you are an elephant standing on Tower bridge and secondly there is no one around, " answered Bruno. They both burst out laughing as Henrietta said, "oh yes."

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They went back to the station and before picking up their luggage, they had a light breakfast, well when I say a light breakfast, for Henrietta that meant something completely different. They sat down and the waitress asked them what would they like, they said they would like coffee, Bruno said he would also have a bacon sandwich and then the fateful question when she asked what Henrietta wanted. "Do you have any doughnuts," asked Henrietta, "yes", replied the waitress. "Oh good, I'll have 5, no 10, no go on I will have 20." "20?" asked the waitress, "yes you are right, that's not enough make it 25, it's only a light breakfast after all." Replied Henrietta, giggling.

After breakfast and after Henrietta had managed to wipe all the jam off her face, they decided to walk to Victoria station as it was a nice sunny day, to catch the Gatwick Express. On the way some fans, who recognised Henrietta asked if they could take her photo, of course she agreed. What they both forgot, was at the time they were crossing the road, when suddenly they heard car horns behind, they apologised and carried on walking.

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They soon arrived at Gatwick airport, checked in, went through security and sat down waiting for their flight to be called. Henrietta said she was hungry, Bruno reminded her of all the doughnuts she had eaten for breakfast. At that moment their flight was called and they boarded the plane and finally their short break to Venice had finally begun. Bruno had booked them seats in business class, as the seats were bigger, as they both liked to stretch out on a flight.

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On arrival in Venice, they could not believe their luck, it was pouring with rain. Bruno had ordered a taxi and a river taxi from the airport to the hotel, but they had to sit inside the river taxi because it was raining so heavily. They were both disappointed, "I love rain," said Bruno, "but not when I am on holiday," he continued. However, once they got to their hotel and saw their beautiful room, they were soon smiling and even more so when they headed to the restaurant and could smell such wonderful smells.

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On Saturday, they did what everyone did when visiting Venice, they visited all the sights and they took many photos and Henrietta made sure she was in nearly every one. The weather was beautiful and they had an amazing lunch by the canal.

Henrietta had played in many concerts in Italy, especially in Milan and Rome, so she was being recognised quite a lot in Venice, but thankfully most fans were respecting her request to privacy. However some Japanese tourists had spotted her and were following her around, finally they had managed to give them the slip. The managed to get to a walk way and Henrietta put her sunglasses on, "that's not going to help, remember Tower Bridge", said Bruno and flagged down a river taxi. They were giggling so much, they almost fell into the canal.

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On Sunday, which was their last full day in Venice, as they flew back to Gatwick on early Monday morning, they decided to take another walk. As they were walking they came across a couple, when Bruno saw one was a fellow duck, he rushed over and started to talk duck, he asked in duck "are you here on holiday, or do you live here?" However, the duck didn't answer, so he repeated the question, but still no answer.

What happened next, will be talked about for years, as Bruno stood there, the duck started to take it's head off, Bruno still thinking it was a real duck, fainted. When he came round, he could see that the duck, was a man in a costume, he explained that in Venice, people quite often wore masks and costumes and particularly during carnival week. Bruno turned to Henrietta and said "boy, do I feel a silly duck," with that everybody laughed.


After lunch, they did some shopping, but they found it very hot, in fact the temperature was over 35c, so they decided they would like to have a swim, but they could not find a swimming pool. So Bruno had a great idea, he reminded Henrietta of a place they had discovered yesterday, they both agreed it was a perfect place to bathe. So they walked there and entered the water, it was perfect and they had a swim.

However, when they had finished swimming, they looked up and saw a huge crowd had gathered. "Must be because I am a famous trumpet player", said Henrietta. "It has nothing to do with you being an elephant swimming in the Grand Canal." Replied Bruno. "Might be," answered Henrietta, with that they both laughed and soon the whole crowd was laughing with them.


They both got up  early on Monday morning, to catch the river bus to the airport, before they did that they had one more walk before departing, they both agreed they would love to come back. There was only one thing, they both had arrived with one suitcase each and Henrietta was leaving with 5 suitcases.

When Bruno asked about the extra cases, Henrietta told Bruno, while he had been sleeping on Saturday afternoon, she had gone downstairs to the boutiques in the hotel and bought a few dresses etc. "A few !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" giggled Bruno. They both agreed it had been a great break, as they headed to the river bus. "Do you think they will have doughnuts on the plane for breakfast?" Said Henrietta. "Oh, Henrietta," replied Bruno.