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rabbit dmitriy
written & illustrated by Grandad


Dmitriy arrived in Surrey in the U.K. on a very sunny day in August with his human family. He was actually glad the family had moved to the U.K., as he had got into a lot of trouble in Russia. Where he had managed to control the sale of carrots in a large region of the country. However he had got too greedy and the authorities put a stop to his operation.

Since then he realised, that the way he sold carrots, could be improved on greatly. Also although the authorities had stopped his operation, they hadn't yet worked out he was Mr. Big, so a new country and a new opportunity of making money was perfect for him, or so he thought. For now, he had decided he will do it differently here.

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Now, rabbits don't naturally eat root vegetables or fruit, well that's what humans believe. They believe, carrots and fruit are high in sugar and so, only feed their rabbits a small amount as occasional treats. They feed their rabbits mainly hay and grass, some leafy greens and a small, amount of pellets. However, what the humans don't know, is that rabbits love carrots and I mean really love them, in fact they could not get enough of them, but there are limits.

In Russia, Dmitriy's gang, used to hand out free carrots, the rabbits wanted more and more, so they continued to hand out carrots. All the while, Dmitriy was cornering the market in carrots, until he controlled all the supply in the region. Then he started to charge rabbits for carrots, a small price at first, then slowly increasing the price. He would have carried on, but then the authorites were chasing his business and so the move to the U.K.

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Within 3 months he had recruited over 100 rabbits into his gang, they started small, stealing carrots from gardens, allotments and shops, then from supermarkets until finally they were ready to start robbing from big distribution centres. Dmitriy was a black belt in judo and during this time he was training his gang in judo moves, so that they were ready for the big job. Finally, the day arrived, he gave his gang their final instructions and off they went, the first problem had been, how to get into the distribution centre. He sent his wheel rabbit called "Mustang" to have a look and come up with a plan.

It took Mustang just a day to work out a plan and it was very simple, yet perfect. Drivers of empty lorries met at a cafe a mile away, because the lorries were empty, quite a few of the drivers, didn't bother locking the trailers. So, on the day, Mustang was the look out, looking for the perfect lorry, while he did, Dmitriy and the gang waited in the trees. 20 minutes later, they were all in the back of the lorry and in 30 minutes they were inside the centre. 45 minutes they were all jumping out of the trailer as the driver opened the door, the raid had begun.

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Dmitriy had learnt while in Russia, to stay in the background, just in case something goes wrong, so he laid in the shade, while his gang did the raid. Each group of rabbits knew what to do, very quickly they had control of the centre. Because it was so early in the morning, apart from the driver there were very few people about. The driver who Mustang had selected, was the driver they were going to use to drive the carrots to their secret location. Dmitriy was not going with them, he would meet with them later. The raid was a complete success and all gang cheered when Dmitriy arrived at their secret location.

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For the next year everything worked out fine, all the rabbits in the region are eaten carrots and only carrots, so the gang was very busy raiding and getting more and more carrots. As for Dmitriy he was getting richer and richer and Mustang drove him around in a red Lamborghini. The only thing Mustang refused to do, was wear a chauffeurs' hat. As Dmitriy sat in his very expensive car and looked out of the window, all he could see was rabbits eating carrots and that made him very happy.


One morning, it happened, while Dmitriy was relaxing on the lawn of his human family, one of his gang came rushing over shouting, "boss, boss, we have got a problem." "What's up Bert?" Asked Dmitriy. "The rabbits don't want any more carrots, they want straw and boss they have even started to eat grass. Can you believe it grass?" Replied Bert. "Grass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, they can't do that, what am I going to do with all those carrots?" Said Dmitriy. "And, boss, you need to look around, all the rabbits are revolting, they have even allowed their human families to feed them.

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Dmitriy knew his game was over, he needed to move quickly, he called Mustang over and told him to break the gang up and pay them off. "Boss, they won't take carrots now, they have no value, they will want money," said Mustang. Dmitriy thought for a moment and then replied, "okay, tell them I need to go and get some money and I will be back tomorrow." With that he was gone, knowing his time was up here and needed to disappear fast.


Two things happened at once and he had to make a quick decision, which way to go. Firstly, as soon as Mustang told the gang, what Dmitriy had said, they knew immediately, they would not see him again and they were very angry. Secondly, the police arrived to arrest Dmitriy over his carrot racket. Dmitriy's first thought was to carry on running, but the gang were catching him fast, so he decided the best option was to run towards the police, who immediately arrested him. The gang seeing that, stopped dead in their tracks, as they didn't want to be arrested too.


The following day Dmitriy was deported back to Russia, he was escorted on the plane, by the police and they would not leave him, until just before the plane was ready to depart. Going back was not too bad, he just wouldn't go back to that part of Russia, he had left behind and start somewhere new. At least he had managed to escape from Mustang and the gang, well that's what he thought. As the police left the plane, they moved out of the way, to allow 20+ passengers for business class, yes, Mustang and the gang will enjoy travelling business class and looked forward to the reunion with Dmitriy in Russia.