Nanny + Roxanne go Skiing
written & illustrated by Grandad


Nanny and Roxanne were sitting in Nanny's kitchen having coffee, when Roxanne said "why don't we go skiing this winter?" Roxanne being Roxanne said this to Nanny, just as she had a mouthful of coffee and Nanny had to swallow before answering. Nanny giggled and replied " Yes, why not, it would be fun." The next weekend they went to a dry ski slope to see if they would like skiing and they loved every minute.



"We are going to need skis," said Roxanne. "Yes, my father had some skis, they are in the barn, so I will look for them." replied Nanny. "Oh no, I am going to buy some new ones and going to get them tomorrow." Replied Roxanne. Next day just as Nanny found her father's old skis, Roxanne arrived with the ones she had bought. "Are you really going to ski on them?" asked Roxanne. "Oh yes," replied Nanny.



They decided they would go skiing in Switzerland, to a village called Lauterbrunnen, Nanny had been there before as a little girl, but only in the summer and fell in love with the village. They decided they would fly to Zurich and then get the train to Lauterbrunnen, which would take around 5 hours. Suddenly Roxanne got all in a panic, "oh my, I have nothing to wear I need to go shopping," she said giggling.



For the next six weekend's Roxanne went shopping, looking for the best outfits, she bought outfits for every occasion. However, the night before they were due to fly, Roxanne started to panic, when Nanny told her there was a baggage allowance on the plane of only 22 kilos. She quickly got out the bathroom scales and discovered she had over 50 kilos "How do they expect a cow to choose what to take and not to take?" She said, they both looked at each other and burst out laughing.



They arrived in Zurich in the afternoon, there was lots of snow around and it made them smile. Roxanne was amazed however, that people were going wild about Nanny's old skis and not hers, I mean hers were top of the range. Mind you, all they could do was giggle about it. In the end Roxanne was shouting out "roll up, roll up, come and see Nanny's world famous skis." This was a day of the giggle sisters.



One of the people admiring Nanny's skis made the mistake and mentioned there was a night market and late-night shopping in Zurich. Those of you, who know Roxanne, know she can't resist a bargain and loved to shop. So, she looked at Nanny with those big brown eyes and battered her eyelids, Nanny giggled and said, "who can resist those big brown eyes, yes, of course we can stay the night."



They spent the next few hours shopping, Roxanne went from shop to the next going oh oh look, while Nanny kept smelling anything that was leather, as she loved the smell of leather. By 11 in the evening they were exhausted and went to their hotel, Roxanne sat on her bed and looked at all the things she had bought and then at her case. She started to ask Nanny, but before she opened her mouth to speak, Nanny said "no I have no room in my suitcase." They both giggled and went straight to sleep.



Late the following morning they boarded their train to Lauterbrunnen, now with even more luggage. Roxanne had been unable to resist the night market and had virtually bought everyone on the farm a gift, it was one of the things Nanny loved about Roxanne, she was always thinking of others. The train journey took them through some really beautiful scenery and one of the other passengers took a picture of them.



Before Roxanne left to come skiing, some of the other cows on the farm, who had relatives in Switzerland, had told her that the cows there were very different. Nanny was still sleeping, so on their first full morning, Roxanne had decided to go for a walk before breakfast and found a viewing platform, where she met some Swiss cows and oh boy were the cows on the farm right, they were very different.



When Nanny told Roxanne, they were going in a cable car, she thought it was a Swiss make of car with wheels. She thought it was odd there was no steering wheel and after 30 seconds and rising to hundred feet in the air, she was so nervous she got the milk shakes. After a few moments she calmed down and Nanny got out some chocolate and they ate the whole bar before they got to the first station.




At the stop, they decided to have some lunch. Even though there was lots of snow, the sun was shining and it was a perfect place to eat and enjoy the scenery. After lunch, Nanny asked Roxanne if she wanted to go back down or go up to the next station. She told Roxanne it was a ski chair up and then a smaller cable car back down. Roxanne by now was really into the skiing scene and said "let's go Nanny."



They went to bed early, as at 9 in the morning, Roxanne had ski school. Nanny was going to go up to the first station and practice her turns and then met up with Roxanne for hot chocolate later. When Roxanne arrived at the school, she was surprised to see one of the Swiss cows she had met the day before. The cow told Roxanne she had been so busy on her farm, she had never had the time before to learn to ski.



Roxanne spent two mornings at ski school, learning how to turn and how to stop. She had to giggle when she heard the name of the stopping method, the plough. At the end of the 2 days, they each had their photo taken with their instructor. Of course, Roxanne being Roxanne had to be the centre of attention, which made all the children laugh. The Swiss cow looked on and said "My family said English cows were weird and they were right." This made everyone laugh and giggle.



On the second morning while Roxanne was at ski school, Nanny decided she would have a snowboarding lesson. She loved it and was soon boarding with the other boarders on the slopes. The youngsters were amazed at Nanny's speed and turns and that she had no fear. Nanny could not stop smiling, she loved it. All Nanny could hear was "go Nanny go," which made Nanny giggle and go even faster.



The boarders told Nanny she was a natural, which made Nanny smile. They invited Nanny, to join them for some extreme boarding. Nanny was very excited about this, Roxanne was not, but would go with Nanny. When they arrived at the place, Roxanne was stunned at how high it was and before she could tell Nanny what she thought, Nanny had already launched herself off the mountain and was waving at her.



On the way back to the village, Roxanne wanted to buy some chocolate, so said she would catch Nanny up. After buying the chocolate, she started to walk back to where they were staying. She could not see Nanny and wondered where she was, when suddenly she heard Nanny saying "yipeeee". At the same moment, Nanny flew over her head with drink in hand.



The only thing was, Nanny had over egged the jump and ended up up-side-down in the snow. All Roxanne could hear coming up from the snow was Nanny giggling. Roxanne could not resist sticking her tongue out at Nanny, but ended up giggling too. She pulled Nanny out of the snow and they both continued giggling and chatted about the day, as they walked back. Nanny decided that she liked snowboarding, but decided she would quit while she was ahead.



Next morning after a good breakfast, Nanny and Roxanne set off to the ski slopes. The only trouble now was Nanny needed to get Roxanne to the top of mountain. The first part was not a problem and Roxanne was quite chatty. When she saw the gondola to take them to the top of the mountain, she went very quiet. At the top she refused to get out of the gondola, trouble is the gondola doesn't stop, the doors open and you get out and it continues on it's way. Luckily a lovely handsome attendant, coaxed Roxanne out of the gondola, just before it went back down the mountain.



Roxanne continued to talk to the attendant, Nanny just rolled her eyes, instead of admitting she had been frightened, Roxanne said it was the lack of oxygen, so high up. As she did, Nanny could not help it and burst out laughing. Roxanne looked over at Nanny and burst out laughing and said "this very nice man has agreed to take us to start of the ski run on his snowmobile." The attendant had agreed to take Roxanne, but he realised he had been had and laughed and said "ladies your snowmobile awaits."



Roxanne and Nanny started skiing on the easy run, Nanny loved it, but very quickly Roxanne was out of control, she forgot everything she had been taught at ski school. "How do you stop?" screamed Roxanne at Nanny. "The plough," answered Nanny. "The farm is the last thing on my mind right now," screamed Roxanne even louder. Nanny giggled and showed her the plough position, Roxanne did the plough and stopped. They both giggled even more and Nanny knew Roxanne would forget again.



They were both hungry, so skied slowly to the restaurant, which was at the next station. As they were having lunch, two of the snowboarders came over and said hello. Nanny told them her days of snowboarding were over and what happened. They laughed and then went onto say, they were going to take their snowmobiles out and asked if they wanted to come, Nanny said yes immediately, whereas Roxanne decided she would stay at the restaurant and enjoy the sunshine.



Roxanne and Nanny decided the following day to have one of their silly contests and decided to have a snowman competition. So, the snowboarders put up some sheeting for them and left them to it. Both wanted to peep, but decided to wait, the reveal was going to be at 4 and the snowboarders were going to be the judges. So, at 4 the reveal happened and once again Roxanne had had help. Everyone giggled, especially as they all saw the 6 men hiding behind one of the barns. "What men?" said Roxanne laughing.



Nanny wanted another game, so she challenged Roxanne to a snowball fight, but this time she told Roxanne, just her and Nanny. Roxanne looked at her and burst out laughing and said "Okay." Nanny said "1, 2, 3 go, oh Roxanne look at that lovely bull in the field behind you." Roxanne turned around, but there was no bull, as she turned back round to tell Nanny, she was suddenly covered in snowballs. They both giggled and Roxanne said "oh that was clever, you really caught me."



In the evening, the snowboarders invited them to dinner and they were looking forward to it. As you know Roxanne loved her food and was very excited about eating out. Nanny was happy too as it meant she did not have to cook. They had 2 more days and they intended to enjoy every moment of the time left. They had a lovely evening out, amazing food and danced the night away.



The following morning, they slept in late, they decided to go just half way up and Roxanne was determined to ski all the way down to the bottom. As they started to ski Roxanne was chatting away about the previous night and totally forgot all she had been taught. She went faster and faster, not turning or using the plough, Nanny could not keep up with her. She went through the end of the run, through the car park and ended up with her skis stuck in a tree.



It took Nanny 15 minutes to find Roxanne, "whoa, that's clever Roxanne how did you manage to do that and how did you miss all those cars in the car park?" Said Nanny still unable to stop laughing. "Forget that, would you please help me down, you know I don't like heights," replied Roxanne. Nanny asked Roxanne if she had actually looked down, Roxanne replied she was too scared too, when she did all she could say was "oops, what a silly human I am lol. For the rest of the day, they just kept giggling about it. When the snowboarders asked Roxanne how high she was stuck up the tree, Roxanne told them, at the top of the tree, then Nanny coughed and Roxanne said "tell-tale, okay, I was 2 feet off the ground." Everyone giggled and Nanny gave Roxanne a huge cuddle. The following morning, being their last day, they went shopping for gifts.



The next day, they caught the train back to Zurich and then 4 hours later they were back in the U.K. and 2 hours later back on the farm. Can you guess, yes it was snowing and Nanny asked Roxanne, if she wanted to ski and Roxanne replied "Moo," which is Roxanne's way of saying, I can't hear you. They giggled and had a cup of coffee and looked forward to their next adventure together.