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Roxanne in Lockdown
written & illustrated by Grandad


"My coffee is getting cold, how am I meant to drink it with this mask on", said Roxanne. Nanny giggled and replied, "you haven't quite got the hang of the rules in lockdown have you? When you are outside and not within 2 metres of anyone, you don't need to wear a mask and when you want to drink or eat, you can take it off." "Oh", went Roxanne and started to walk away, Nanny called her back and said "Oh?" Roxanne went on to explain how she had ordered masks for all the cows on the farm, now Nanny has over 600 cows on her farm. They went to the farmhouse and phoned the supplier, he was very understanding and promised to collect them the next day.

Nanny made a fresh pot of coffee and they sat down to drink and without warning they just both burst out laughing, having the same image in their head, of all the cows wandering around the fields with their masks on trying to eat the grass. Nanny turned to Roxanne and said "you have a good heart and you wanted to protect the cows, but the cows are safe." Roxanne thought for a moment and replied, "phew, that's a relief, I have been having nightmares, trying to work out how to get masks on the cows." Again they both burst out laughing and sat and giggled for quite a while.

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It was still the beginning of lockdown and Nanny had made the morning coffee and no sign of Roxanne, Nanny wondered where Roxanne was, she never missed morning coffee. Nanny waited for 20 minutes and still no sign of her, so she decided to go and look for her. For the next hour, Nanny searched every outbuilding, barn, the farm shop and no sign of Roxanne, she was beginning to worry. Then she saw something strange in the field up the hill. The herd of cows were not together, like they normally were, they were all spaced out in rows.

Nanny walked up to the field and found Roxanne fast asleep, in a haystack. "Roxanne," said Nanny, Roxanne woke up and said "I am exhausted, this lockdown is exhausting, it's taken me all morning to get these cows to social distance, I had to tether every single one 2 metres apart." Nanny giggled and said "social distancing is only for humans, not for animals." Roxanne stopped dead in her tracks, spun round and said "You have got to be kidding, all that extra work for nothing." They both burst out laughing and went back to the farmhouse for a well earned cup of coffee.

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In the milking parlour, Roxanne was in her element, she loved being in the warm and enjoyed chatting to the other cows and listening to their stories. The cows thought it was so funny that the humans were wearing bandit masks, this made Roxanne laugh out loud and explained that the humans were being careful, as they did not want to catch a nasty disease. But, Roxanne admitted, it was funny, seeing all humans wearing bandit masks, one cow said she thought, that humans were playing a huge game of cowboys and indians. With that, all the cows including Roxanne burst out laughing and one cow shouted, "bang, bang". Well, with that, everyone laughed even more and Roxanne dropped her pail of milk on the floor and slipped over, which made all the cows laugh even more.

Suddenly, Nanny appeared at the milking parlour door and said, "what's all this laughing, you are meant to be milking?" The parlour went quiet, Nanny waited a few seconds and laughed out loud and said "got you." Roxanne went bright red and then burst out laughing and said, "Nanny you are good, you really got me this time."

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It was very busy on the farm, they were producing more milk, cheese and meat, to help food production during the lockdown. Nanny and Roxanne and the others on the farm, were exhausted, today there was time to have a coffee and Nanny to make one of her famous pies. Nanny looked over and saw Roxanne was sad, "what's wrong Roxanne?" Roxanne waited a moment, winked at the others in the room and then replied, " Just sad, that I was chatting to that cow 2 days ago and now it's in your pie." Nanny replied, " Oh Roxanne, I am so sorry, I .................. wait a minute you, I am making an apple pie, you can see the apples........... oh you naughty girl you."  With that everyone laughed out loud, continued to drink their coffee and then went back to work.


One morning, Roxanne was in the field with the cows and the sun was out, it was a lovely day, but the cows were really quiet. Roxanne asked one of the cows what was wrong, the cow replied, "we miss the children, who come to visit the farm and us, we love having them around, all we do now is eat grass and you milk us, day after day." Roxanne thought for a moment and then replied, "leave it with me, I have an idea."

Later that day, after the cows had been milked, Roxanne asked them to follow her to the cow shed, as she had a surprise for them. When they got to the cow shed, there was a big black box, but nothing else, they told Roxanne, that was not going to make them smile. Roxanne giggled and said wait a moment, I have got to turn it on first. As they gathered round the black box, they saw the faces of the children, who visited the farm, the children waved and spoke to the cows, just like how they did when they were actually on the farm. The cows were so happy, that when it came to milking, they rushed to get milked, so that they could go to the cowshed, to see the children on the magical black box.

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Nanny kept chickens, she loves her chickens, they run free during the day and at night she puts them in the hen hut, to keep them safe. One morning as Nanny was feeding the chickens, she saw out of the corner of her eye, Roxanne creeping up, she didn't say anything and continued to feed the chickens. She saw Roxanne take out a mask from behind her back and was just about to put it on a chicken and said "oh no you don't". "What," replied Roxanne , quickly putting the mask behind her back, she couldn't however, stop herself going red. They both giggled and Roxanne said she was just going to put it on the chicken's head.

This particular chicken had caused Roxanne a problem, a few days ago. Roxanne had been so tired one afternoon and decided she needed to have a nap, she needed a place Nanny would not find her. She decided the hen hut would be a great place to hide and have a nap. She settled down and was soon asleep, but unfortunately for Roxanne it rained and the chickens ran to the hut, only to find Roxanne and they couldn't get in. So this one chicken pushed to the front and bit Roxanne on the bum, Roxanne yelped and run out of the hut. So Roxanne wanted to get her own back, but that didn't work out.

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One of the things Roxanne did was look after the calves, she loved looking after them, she did everything for them, the only thing she did not do, was be there when the vet gave the calves an injection, Roxanne hated needles. So it was left up to Nanny or one of the farm hands to help the vet when they came, Roxanne could not bear to watch. Nanny explained to Roxanne, it was important for the calves to have them, to keep them healthy. Roxanne said, she understood that, but she just couldn't watch as they had their injections. One morning while they had coffee and Roxanne was reading the newspaper, she suddenly got up and rushed out the door. Nanny went after her, but she couldn't find her, she looked in all her hiding places, but she was no where to be found.

Nanny wondered what Roxanne had read in the newspaper, so she went back to the farmhouse, to find out. She picked up the newspaper and after a couple of minutes, started to giggle and just said, "oh Roxanne." Nanny went back into the farm and said at top of her voice, "Roxanne, what you read in the newspaper about adults having the vaccine injection, is for humans only, it's not animals." Nanny went around the farm, repeating this, until Roxanne replied, "are you sure it's just for humans?" Nanny looked around, but couldn't see her, until Roxanne repeated what she said, Nanny looked up and there was Roxanne in a tree. Nanny laughed and said, "yes, come on down you are safe."


Since the lockdown, the farm shop has been very busy, as Roxanne looked after the farm shop, it was up to her to make sure everything was clean. As well as looking after the farm shop, Roxanne made all the cheese too. Roxanne loved cheese, so it was the perfect job for her. The only thing Roxanne didn't like doing was selling her cheese and on this particular day a man ordered a lot of cheese, which Roxanne wasn't happy about. The man paid for the cheese and all Roxanne had to do was hand it over, but she was reluctant to do so. So for a good 2 minutes, the man and Roxanne held on to the two ends of the bag holding the cheese. Suddenly a voice said, "Roxanne we have talked about this, let go of the bag, you can't keep the cheese, it is the customers." Roxanne turned and saw a not so happy Nanny.

"Are you sure it's Roxanne, I mean you can't see me behind this mask," replied Roxanne. Nanny giggled and replied, "Roxanne, even with the mask, I think everyone would know it's you." Roxanne thought for the moment and let go of the bag and turned to Nanny and said, "I know Nanny, but i so love cheese, I mean I really love cheese."


Roxanne had been working on the farm with Nanny for months, without a break. As we all know, Roxanne loves shopping and loves buying handbags, Nanny told Roxanne, to take a day off. Roxanne was delighted and decided to go shopping in London, so the very next day, she got up early before Nanny and caught the early train to London. When she got there, she could not believe her eyes, all the shops were closed. The shopping centres were all empty and absolutely nothing was open, so Roxanne decided to go back to the farm.

When she arrived back, Nanny told her if she had asked her, before leaving, she would have told her, the shops were all shut and that humans were staying home to stay safe. Roxanne's face sank until Nanny reminded her that she can still shop online, with that Roxanne's face lit up and said, "now where did i leave my credit card?" They both giggled and with that, she started to shop online, I am sure once she has finished shopping, she will have another story to tell.