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  written & illustrated by Grandad


It was the summer of 2050, when it happened. For over 20 years now, we have relied on Artificial Intelligence to run our lives for us. No longer did we have to drive cars, trains, boats and planes were all controlled by AI and also all our communications and defence systems. By the summer of 2050 we were totally reliant on AI and when it happened, we were helpless and had no way of fighting back, well we had one group who could and this is their story.

It was like any other summer day, except on this particular day, it was really quiet, there was no sound of traffic, no trains were running and there was no planes in the sky. In addition, there was no internet, phones had stopped working and all TV channels were down. Then without warning all electricity and gas went, water taps no longer worked. Everything that man depended on, suddenly was gone, with no warning.

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People came out of their homes to see what was going, wondering was it just their home, but they quickly discovered it was every single home. It was eerily quiet, nothing moved and people began to panic. Suddenly there was a humming in the sky and without any warning, all over the world, spaceships appeared in the sky, they spaceships did nothing but hoover. People wondered how they had managed to get through our defences, AI was meant to be protecting us, they ran our defences, how could they let these spaceships. What no one knew, this was AI's doing.

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Suddenly someone spotted jet fighters in the sky, "now AI will protect us," he said. But, instead of attacking the spaceships, they flanked them and watched over them as they landed. What no one knew, there were no pilots in the planes, just AI flying them. Even thought AI were flying the fighters, previously, there was always a pilot flying in the fighters, just in case something went wrong. Today, however, before the fighters were scrambled, AI took them over 100% and flew them. The air force staff were unable to enter the buildings, those inside were unable to use the controls, as there was no electricity and all the backup generators were sealed off by AI. There was nothing anybody could do.


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As each space ship landed, out poured AI robot soldiers, at one point, an alien space ship was landing every 30 seconds and soon they covered the whole earth. Everyone over 16, had a microchip implanted just behind their ear, it had allowed them to connect directly to all their communications, connect to their transport and much more. At the time everyone had thought, what an amazing thing it was,  as the robot soldiers appeared, they turned on their mind control equipment, then everyone realised that AI had total control of them.

The mind control of the microchip was activated in every adult and only the under 16's were free to move and think freely, the AI felt they were never a threat and didn't push to microchip them.



One by one the people wondered why their leaders had agreed to let them be micro-chipped and allowed AI to control so much. They soon discovered that AI had been working in the background for a long time. One by one, world leaders showed the world that in fact they had been replaced by robots controlled by AI. As the space ships landed, the world leaders, took off their face masks one by one and showed the world they were in fact robots.



AI constantly ensured that the signal for the mind control was at 100%, making sure they had control of every single adult in the world. Governments made sure every adult had the microchip implanted, to ensure they got top communications, better infrastructure, amazing grants and free computer service. This had been AI's master plan and now earth was theirs. There had been people who have warned governments, that the earth was too reliant on AI, but the leaders of governments had ignored, only when it was too late, did people realise what a mistake they had made.



The robots and AI, began to worry about the children and put robotic children out, to mix with them. The robot children, started to watch the children and copied what they did, but the children trusted no one, so on meeting each other, clasped their hands around each other necks. On clasping the neck, children could feel whether it was cold and if they felt steel under the false skin. Children had a code and on feeling steel, would say "plastic cat," the robotic children would also say it, not knowing what it meant.

When the robotic children were not looking, the children would pull the back off the robotic children head, exposing it's working and switched a switch, which turned them into a pile of useless metal. At the beginning the children, didn't know how to turn them off, but they learnt very quickly and passed this knowledge on to other children using the amateur radios, leaving the robot soldiers and AI completely in the dark.




Children around the world began to cast doubt in the mind of robots, knowing that all communication with humans went back to the central computer in the mother ship. AI had control of all communications, but had not bothered blocking or controlling outdated technology such as amateur radio. Children had discovered early on, it was a secret way of communicating with other children around the world. It all started with whispers, undermining what AI thought it knew about humans. Also, children started to tell them about a hidden enemy, actually there was no enemy, it was just a story from a video game, but it began to frighten the robots and AI.




Children used amateur radio more and more, as they could move around freely, they were able to use the radios at home and after a while started to use portable ones outside. The scanning equipment that AI and the robots had, were not tuned to these frequency, so the children could use them freely. Also, just to be sure, children used back slang and words from video games, which they knew AI and the robots would not understand.




Now, without AI knowing, one of the children on an military air base outside London, was a wizard with technology, he was only 13, but Leon stumbled across a frequency on his amateur radio, which allowed him to tune his game controller to it, but more importantly it allowed him to tune in to nano spy drones. He played around with it, for a couple of days, nobody disturbed him, as all the adults, just sat around staring and once in a while getting up to eat or sleep. Everyone on the airbase was being controlled by the mind control.

After two days, everything was working, how he wanted, the spy drones were built as flying insects. Leon had flown them right up to the robot soldiers and they took no notice, for them insects were not a threat. Little did they know, but this was the beginning of the end of this invasion. Over his amateur radio, Leon, told children in every country, to go their nearest military airbase and search for nano spy drones. Once they had them, Leon over the radio, told them how to connect them to their radio and taught them to fly them. Then he taught them how to link the camera of their mobile to the radio, so that they could get the video from the nano spy drones. Even though, the mobiles were dead as a phone, they could still be used as a video or camera.




For a week, the children around the world, used the nano spy drones, to spy on the robotic soldiers and AI, they wanted to find the code to reverse the mind control, but the nano spy drones when they entered the space ship, they stopped working. Leon told everyone, that the spaceship had some kind of jamming device, which stopped all signals.

Then without warning, children were invited by robotic soldiers to look around their space ships. AI had decided that it may be a good idea, to have the children on side and make friends with them. The children's eye were everywhere, looking at every screen, without giving the game away, looking for the code to unlock the mind control. They knew it was vital to save the world, then without warning, two children in France, discovered the code by accident, they were being shown around a space ship, when the robotic soldier, went to a screen, punched in a code and there was the code, to delete the mind control. Now it was down to Leon to save the world, if anyone could, Leon could.




Now, Leon knew every day, 4 times a day, AI broadcasted the code, to update the mind control, all Leon had to do was piggy back on the back of one of these broadcasts and delete the mind control. He knew he had only one chance of doing this, because once he linked his frequency of his radio to the frequency of the broadcast, he had only a few seconds to send the undelete code, before AI discovered his connection. He waited patiently for the broadcast, then the moment arrived and he sent the undelete code, he waited for a few seconds, then he heard it, that wonderful sound of adults talking and realising that they had been invaded.

Within 72  hours, everything was back in the control of the adults, the earth was safe, AI was turned off, everything was where it should have be, prior to AI. Fighter jets were patrolling the skies, watching over the spaceships, making sure when they took off, they left the earth's skies.




The invasion had been halted thanks to the children of the world, everyone watched the space ships return to their mother ship and disappear from our universe. So earth was safe, the controls of all communications, transport, utilities returned to humans. Or had it, there was a big news conference of the two major powers signing an agreement not to allow AI to have control again. As the two major powers shook hands, there was an interruption to the TV signal, then it came back and the world saw the handshake, what no one knew, was that it was a tape of an old handshake. Also what no one knew, was that one of the people representing the two major powers was an AI robot and it had no intention of following out the agreement.

Yes, the AI robot soldiers had returned to their space ships and flown back to their mother ship, but they were just waiting for the signal to return to earth. They could stay in the mother ship for years, they didn't need food or water, or oxygen, they were there just waiting, but so were our children, nothing was going to take their future away from them................To be continued.