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I really hate carrots
written & illustrated by Grandad


Bouncer is no ordinary rabbit, he hates lettuce, but more than that he hates carrots even more. The first time he had a carrot, he was sick and he just never liked them from then on. Of course humans being humans believe all rabbits love carrots and as bouncer admits that's probably true, but not this rabbit, he absolutely hates them. He can not look at them, or even smell them. But, he absolutely loves bananas, he can quite happily eat them all day long, given the chance. He was having a lovely lunch at his favourite restaurant, his friend's house 4 doors down and his owners always put a good spread on and had a lovely supply of bananas.

His friend was called "Doc", everyone called him "Doc" because he was so clever and knew everything. They were eating and Bouncer asked where bananas came from and one of the places they come from is Jamacia. Now, not many people know this, but Bouncer's first love is bananas and his second love is reggae music. They talked some more and then Bouncer casually slipped into the conversation," so, erm doc, if someone wanted to go to erm say Jamacia, how would they get there?" Doc giggled and explained to Bouncer he would need to catch a plane to Jamacia. Then Doc said "so, bouncer, erm, when are you going?" Bouncer giggled and replied "erm tomorrow."


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After lunch, Bouncer went home to pack, but once he packed, he remembered what the Doc had said, that there was a baggage allowance, so Bouncer threw everything out of his suitcase, put back his toothbrush and filled his suitcase with bananas. What Doc actually said was, if you are flying with an airline, you have a baggage allowance, but Bouncer missed that part. Doc also told him to check what gate number the flight was leaving from, as you don't want to end up in Paris or Berlin. The very next day, Bouncer went to the airport in the back of a van, glimpsed the gate number through the window, found the gate number, slipped aboard and thought mmm where are all those comfy seats Doc was talking about, there are none. What Bouncer didn't know, was that he was in the baggage hold with 6 dogs and cats.


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One thing Doc had not told Bouncer, was how long the flight was, within the first hour, he had eaten all his bananas, drank some of the cats fresh water and read his magazine. He was annoyed with Doc though, he had told Bouncer they were windows for him to look out of, no seats and no windows, how wrong could Doc have been. What Bouncer didn't realise was he had 9 more hours to go, he had a look, the dogs and cats didn't have any magazines , bother. Just will have to listen to my sounds on my phone,  thought Bouncer, which was okay, but after 5 hours, the battery was flat. Double, double bother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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4 hours later, they arrived in Montego bay, the first thing Bouncer noticed how hot it was. It seemed to take ages for the airport to open the door, he really would have a word with Doc via Whatsapp, I mean no windows, no comfy seats, no food and no lights, how can people travel like this thought Bouncer. Bouncer saw loads of people coming down some stairs and he looked, erm windows, mmm is that food I can smell, DOC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Bouncer caught the bus to town and as the bus passed a tree, Bouncer looked for bananas, there were none. Mmmmm, Doc told me bananas grow on trees, well I am here in Jamaica and I can't see any bananas on trees, not one. Finally they got to town and Bouncer got off the bus, side swerved a mad looking dog, only to be pinned to the wall by another dog. Bouncer had to think fast and then grabbed a stick and wagged it about until he had the dog's attention, then he threw it and the dog chased it. "See, Doc, told you rabbits are more clever than stupid dogs" The words were not out of his mouth, when he was whipped off his feet and pinned to another wall, by a huge dog and 5 other dogs." "Who are you calling stupid?"

"Not you," replied Bouncer. "Do you like to play games, I do, I love playing hide and seek, do you?" continued Bouncer. "Oh boy do we," howled the dogs. "Okay count to 1,000 and I will hide," said Bouncer.."GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR, do you think we are silly, we will count to 100 okay?" Replied the dog, Bouncer agreed, he saw a bus to the beach was just leaving and jumped aboard, just as the doors were closing. He sat by the window and then shouted out "Bye stupid."



For hours Bouncer walked around the towns, finally ended up on a beach somewhere, not sure where. He was exhausted and very hungry, he began to think he should have stayed in London, he sighed, he could be having lunch with "Doc" right now, mind you he wanted a few words with "Doc" when he got home. He sat in the sand and wondered if he should go back, when suddenly he smelt bananas, not just one or two, but loads of them. His nose began to twitch a lot as he walked off the beach and he virtually followed his nose until he found the bananas, hundreds of them, in fact there were too many to count.



After 5 minutes, he found them and said to himself "OMG, Doc was right, they do grow on trees." As far as he looked there were bananas, everywhere he looked there were bananas. "Oh Doc I love you." "Hey get away from my bananas" A man shouted, which made Bouncer jump and with that he ran through the bananas to another field. This time he had a good look round to make sure no one was standing guard over the bananas.



Soon Bouncer was surrounded by bananas and there was no people around. He picked a banana, but it wasn't ripe, so he tried another, but that wasn't ripe either. "Those are not ready yet, you need to eat the ones, which are ripe and are yellow." Said a man standing behind Bouncer, Bouncer turned and was about to bolt, when the man said "Are you the rabbit everyone is talking about."  "Might be, depends what they are saying." Said Bouncer and they both giggled. The man told him his name was John and invited to come up to the house and have lunch, with bananas for desert. "Well thank you, how can i refuse," said Bouncer giggling.



Good to his word, after lunch, John provided the biggest bunch of bananas, that Bouncer had ever seen and within 15 minutes he had eaten the lot. "Have to say I am really full now, I actually can't move." Said Bouncer. Everyone laughed and John invited Bouncer to stay with him and his family, Bouncer agreed and for one glorious month he enjoyed staying with John and eating bananas. He was a hit with everyone on the plantation and people came from all over the island to see him, he had become a celebrity.



After a month, Bouncer began to miss every one back in the U.K. and realised bananas were not everything, so all the friends he had made on the island, clubbed together and bought him a ticket home. When Bouncer looked reluctant, they asked him what was wrong and he explained his journey to Jamaica, they all laughed and told him he had been travelling in the baggage hold and not with the passengers. You have probably never seen a rabbit go red, well Bouncer did, when he discovered he had got that wrong. Everyone laughed and said this time he has a first class ticket, so no problems this time.



As Bouncer was out walking on his last full day, he came across a sea plane, he loved sea planes and always wanted to fly in one. He looked around and there was nobody about, so he thought he would have a closer look. When he got up close, he fell even more in love with sea planes. He loved the way, the floats of the plane, gently went up and down with the waves. He had heard reggae music all over the island and ate so many bananas, he didn't want to see one for at least, a day lol, saying all that, looking at this sea plane, sea planes had become his number one.



Then a voice said "I have been watching you." Bouncer spun around, spluttered on seeing the pilot and replied "I haven't touched anything, promise." The pilot replied, "I know you haven't, as I said, I have been watching you and I can see you really love sea planes, would you like to look inside?" Bouncer was speechless for a moment and then replied "Oh my yes please, thank you, thank you, won't you get into trouble?" The pilot laughed and told Bouncer it was fine, as he owned the sea plane, with that he opened the door of the seaplane and they both got in. The pilot showed Bouncer all the controls and then started the engine, " would you like to go for a short flight?" Asked the pilot. "Oh would I, yes please." Replied Bouncer. The pilot taxied out into the bay and then took off and for 30 minutes they flew over the island and sea. "You have the controls Bouncer" "Erm okay", but soon he got his confidence and for 5 glorious minutes flew a sea plane.

That afternoon he boarded his flight back to London, the second he saw his seat, he loved it. A window, comfy seat, light, he waved good bye to everyone and before the flight had took off, he was fast asleep, it had been a wonderful adventure, but he was looking forward to going home.



When Bouncer got back to London, it was raining, lovely lovely rain thought Bouncer, yes all that sunshine and bananas for breakfast, dinner and tea was great, but he missed his family, friends and even the rain, yes it was good to be home. At the end of the day home is home and family is family. Now bouncer needs to go buy an umbrella, so he says goodbye and looks forward to sharing his next adventure with you in the future.