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written & illustrated by Grandad


Hello, my name is Ralphie, this is my kingdom, well my road and this is where I live and play. It's been a very hot summer so far, yesterday I was chatting to another cat, who has just moved onto our road, making sure he knew this was my road. He told me he had moved up from the seaside, told me all about it, it sounds quite an amazing place, so I have decided to go and visit and see for myself.

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The next morning, I was up early, after eating breakfast, I was out the door, my owners thought, I was just going to wander around my road, but I knew better. Yesterday, my new friend, told me, that he came to our road by car, now I am good, but even i couldn't convince my owners to drive me to the seaside. He went onto tell me, the other way of getting there, was by train, I must have look confused, because he asked me if i knew what a train was. "Of course, I said, winking as i did, actually I had no idea what a train was, but I wasn't going to admit that.

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Ralphie, started off down the road, now all I have to do, is find one of these things called a train, he thought. Just then he spotted a mouse eating nearby, he crept up behind it, suddenly the mouse looked up and said, "oh Mr Cat you are not going to eat me are you?" Ralphie thought for a moment and replied, " it depends do you know what a train is?" "A train, yes of course, everyone knows what a train is," said the mouse. "Well i don't, will you show me where I can find one, that goes to the seaside and I won't eat you. "Yes of course, follow me" replied the mouse.

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After 20 minutes, they arrived at the station, Ralphie asked the mouse, what he needed to do, the mouse told him that humans need a ticket, but he doesn't, all he needs to do is sit next to a human he would be fine. "What train do I need to catch?" Asked Ralphie, "you need one that says B R I G H T O N on the front and that will take you to the seaside, replied the mouse. "Thank you my dear little friend, if you ever have any trouble with any other cats, tell them you are a friend of Ralphie and they will leave you alone. The mouse thanked Ralphie and scurried off, five minutes later a train appeared and it said B R I G H T O N, so Ralphie got on and he was on his way to the seaside.


45 minutes later, Ralphie was in Brighton, he could see the sea, so he headed towards it, when he got there, he was distracted, as sitting in deck chairs were two people talking and eating ice cream. Now there were two things Ralphie loved, fish and ice cream, so, he quietly sat by the two people waiting for his opportunity. The man held out his arm as the ice cream was melting and with one swift movement, the ice cream was in Ralphie's mouth, leaving an empty cone in the man's hand.


One of the things Ralphie loves to do, is chase birds, he has never caught one, he just loves the chase. After finishing his ice cream, he noticed two birds perched on some deck chairs. So he carefully crawled up to the deck chairs and pounced, but the birds did nothing, so he pounced again, this time they flew up, "ah ah scared them," said Ralphie to himself. Except the birds, who were seagulls attacked Ralphie, pecking at him and chasing him down the beach. After chasing him, they flew back to the deck chairs and just sat there. "Phew the birds at home are not like them," Ralphie said to himself.


The running about, had made Ralphie hungry and then he smelt it, "oh my, fish and chips, where are they?" Ralphie said to himself. He looked around and there was a fish and chip shop, next to the beach. Someone had placed their fish and chips on the wall next to beach. All Ralphie heard was, Oh, I have forgotten to get some salt," the owner of the fish and chips crossed the road to get some salt from the fish and chips shop. Before the person was across the road and Ralphie had the food on the floor and was quickly eating the fish. The seagulls saw this and moved in, but this time Ralphie was ready and hissed as that got near, there was no way he was going to share, not even one chip.


For the rest of day Ralphie, spent his time exploring, he really loved the seaside. Once it began to get dark, he decided to go back to the station, then panic hit him, he hadn't asked the new cat, where he needed to get off when coming back. Luckily while he started to worry about this, he saw a family from his road getting on the train, so when they got on, he got on. He had to sit on a seat so that he could see them.

The ticket inspector came to collect tickets and when he came to Ralphie, he just looked, rubbed his eyes and carried on. Ralphie giggled to himself, he was exhausted, he had only spent a day at the seaside, not really a holiday, but next time he would be ready. Finally he saw the family get up and stand by the door, he joined them and jumped out as soon as the doors opened.


Ralphie arrived back on his road very late and he was very tired, he could hear his owners calling him, so he went straight home. "Where have you been Ralphie?" Asked one of his owners, Ralphie looked up and said to himself, "oh if you only knew, but i need to sleep now." As he was about to close his eyes he heard one of his owners say "can you smell fish and chips?" Ralphie giggled to himself and thought "hehehehehe, if you only knew." With that he closed his eyes and he knew he would go back to the seaside again.