Pug and Daisy
written & illustrated by Grandad


Pug and Daisy were minding their own business, doing what they did best, laying on the armchairs basking in the sunlight, when suddenly their peace and quiet was rudely interrupted. Standing in front of them was a female human " oh what lovely dogs, what are their names?" she asked. "They are called Pug and Daisy", replied their owner.

Pug and Daisy looked at each other and tried hard not to giggle, because they knew this human was going to make the mistake all humans did and that was pat the cute looking dog thinking she was Daisy. "Steady," said Daisy "don't give the game away." With that the female human reached down.........




Pug did what Pug always did when a human went to stroke him, snapped at the hand and if he was really lucky nipped the hand. On this occasion, Pug was lucky and nipped. A minute later the dogs were both put in the garden, Daisy was put out as well, as she barked at the woman and run rings round her, making her fall on the chair. Daisy looked at the clock on the wall, through the patio doors "Oh great Pug, do you know what time it is? It's lunch time, couldn't you have waited until after lunch?" Pug thought for a moment and replied "Erm no, you know me I can never pass up a human's hand"

Daisy sprawled out on the grass and replied "I am wasting away here, I need food." Pug looked at Daisy and giggled and replied "Daisy there is no way you are wasting away, how much have you eaten today?" "Yes, but, that was just a snack, Pug this is dinner." Replied Daisy. With that both of them burst out laughing.



The following day, their owner was working from home, so in the morning after he had taken the children to school, he grabbed the dogs leads and opened the front door, Pug and Daisy raced out the door, just at that moment, the phone rang and the owner answered it. The dogs knew it would be a while, so waited on the grass outside the front door, but soon got bored and wandered out. Daisy was sitting in the middle of the road and Pug was on one side.

Suddenly Pug shouted "Daisy car."  Oh oh car thought Daisy, she just loved chasing cars. Again Pug shouted " CAR " this time louder. Yes I know it's a car thought Daisy not sure why Pug is shouting. "CAR " screamed Pug again, this time much louder. Daisy suddenly remember the rule, don't sit in the middle of the road and ran to the side, just as the car went past. It's fair to say Daisy is not the brightest dog and needs reminding often.



Their owner had to go into the city, to his office to pick something up. He opened the back of the car for them to get into. He could see they looked a bit confused, after all, they thought they were going for a walk. "Guys, I need to pick something up from the office, then we can go for a walk and then have some lunch. " Pug looked at Daisy and shook his head, because he knew Daisy was going to say under a bark "Awesome." Pug was always worried one day their owner will hear, but Daisy just barked and came over to Pug and whispered in Pug's ear "lunch, Awesome."

So they drove to the owner's office he picked up a package and he then drove to a restaurant by the sea. It was one of Daisy's favourite restaurants, they had really amazing sausages and hamburgers. Soon as the doors opened Daisy raced into the restaurant and found the best table and waited and waited. In the end Daisy went outside to see where they were. They were standing by the car waiting for Daisy. "Daisy walk first, then lunch," said their owner. "Really" Said Daisy to Pug. So they went for a walk, well they managed to get past 4 trees, before Daisy flopped and muttered "I need food." Their owner looked down, laughed and said "Okay you win." Before he had finished the sentence, Daisy was down the road and in the restaurant. 



As you have read by now Daisy really loves sausages and I mean really loves them, she can't resist them and can smell them cooking up to 4 roads away. It was a quiet afternoon, the sun was shining down and the dogs were resting in the wooded area at the back of their owners property. Suddenly Daisy's nose started to twitch and she said "Sausages." Pug sighed he knew what this meant, that Daisy would not rest until she had tracked down the sausages.

There was a hole in the fence that their owners didn't know about and soon they were in a strangers garden. Sitting on a table outside some patio doors was a huge plate of sausages, freshly cooked. They could see some humans preparing salad and rolls. Daisy sat deadly still while Pug waited for an opportunity for Daisy to run in and get some sausages. When Daisy wanted to, she could move like lighting and that's exactly what happened, Pug said "go" and Daisy was up at the table, sausages in mouth and gone. Leaving Pug to run after her, before getting caught.



Not very far from where they lived, was a farm where you could pick your own fruit and veg. When they could, Pug and Daisy used their secret hole in the fence and trotted off to the farm. They waited for the next family to turn up and trotted in behind them, the family thought the dogs belonged to the farm and the owners of the farm thought they belonged to the family. It was one of their best capers and Daisy was always excited about going to the farm, after sausages, her favourite food was strawberries.

As the family picked their fruit and veg, Daisy used to sniff what they had picked. She got very excited when they got to the strawberries and as fast as the family picked the strawberries, Daisy was eating them. The little girl of the family said "Daddy that dog is eating our strawberries and that sign says no eating." "They are dogs darling, they can't read," replied the dad. With that both dogs had to bark loud to disguise their giggles, as Pug said to Daisy "what does that sign say?" "Oh my, it says no eating thank you lol." Replied Daisy.



It was Daisy's birthday, so Pug had arranged something special, as you know Daisy loves to chase cars, but sadly has never caught one. Pug had overheard his owners talking about a place where there was a lot cars in a place called a museum. His owners were meant to go yesterday, but it wasn't Daisy's birthday then and it would not have been so special, so Pug buried the car keys to the owners cars. So they were unable to go yesterday, but surprise surprise they found the keys this morning and everyone was getting ready to go to the museum.

When they got to the museum, Pug and Daisy were eager to get out of the car, but their owner said "sorry guys no dogs allowed." They left the sunroof half open so they had plenty of air and poured some water in a bowl and went into the museum. The dogs laid there for a couple of minutes, then Pug said "is it all clear?" Daisy looked around and said "Yes". With that Pug hit the button to open the doors at the back of the people carrier. They jumped out, then Pug rushed forward, pressed the button and jumped out quickly, as the doors shut. "It's good thing they don't know we can do that." Said Daisy as they found an open door and entered the museum. For the next hour Daisy had a wonderful time barking at cars, then when they saw their owners going back to the car, they waited in the bush, ready to jump in from the other side. A perfect birthday treat for Daisy.



One day their owner was taking them for a walk along by the sea, it was Pug's favourite walk, she just loved the water and often dived into the water to swim. Daisy hated this walk, she said it was too long and what made it hard, was that their owner walked them past 3 of Daisy's favourite restaurants. Anyway, it was a particularly hot day and Daisy dived into the water to get cool, the only problem was, was that Daisy had never learnt to swim, she could float, but not swim.

So there she was just laying on the water, tongue out drinking the water. "Help, help I am drifting out to sea," said Daisy. Pug laughed and said "Daisy put your feet down you are only in 6 inches of water." "I knew that," replied Daisy. Daisy then put her feet down and climbed out, Pug went over to Daisy and whispered "that was so funny." With that they both giggled.



"No really, I hate shops, as much as I hate long walks, what is it with humans, looking in shop windows, one after the other." Said Daisy, Pug actually nodded in agreement, he hated going from shop to shop too. Pug went onto say that it was not a proper walk, stop, start all the time. Daisy was sitting on a bed exhausted, the family had taken them away for the weekend, but all they had done, is walk and walk. They both agreed if the family went out again, they were staying put. Daisy said "I am not going even for sausages, my paws are killing me."



Daisy and Pug were great at chasing cats out of their garden and Pug was okay with the two cats that lived in the house. Daisy however, got on with one of the cats, but the other one she didn't. Coco was the cat that Daisy didn't get on with and this particular day, the owners were out and the dogs and cats were left alone. Pug had switched on the television and they were watching cartoons, they both loved cartoons and their favourite was called Top Cat.

Daisy was stretched out on the large foot stool in front of the television, when she felt someone behind her. "Pug" no answer "oh Pug", still no answer "PUG". Pug was sitting on the sofa watching. "Yes Daisy?" Is that erm Coco behind me?" "Yes," replied Pug. With that Coco went "meow" and Daisy jumped in the air and landed on top of Coco. Daisy knew she was in trouble, but luckily for Daisy, just at the moment, the family arrived home. Pug hit the off button on the remote and everyone laid down. "I thought I heard the TV," said the owner.



One thing, both Pug and Daisy are frightened of, is swans. There are a couple of walks, they do not like, as they includes lakes, where there are swans. One particular day, their owner stopped to talk to a friend by the lake, Pug and Daisy looked around and phew no swans, or so they thought. Suddenly this black swan landed on the lake and immediately spotted Pug and Daisy. They then saw another swan land next to the swan and they started to have an argument, Pug and Daisy thought they were safe. They started to move away from the lake slowly, when they saw the swan climb out of the lake.

Daisy had a great idea, there were some posts around the lake, so she said "lets sit on the posts and stay really still and pretend we are statues." So that's what they did, all was okay until Daisy noticed the swan moving towards them and shouted "Pug don't look behind, the swan is coming." With that Pug fell off and the swan chased him all round the lake. At one stage when Pug went flying past Daisy he said "I want a word with you." All Daisy could do was giggle.




As you know they have a secret hole in the garden, which allows them to get out and have fun, what you didn't know, was not far from this hole was a secret place in the woods, where they stored all their treasure. The area was overgrown and it was impossible for humans to get to, however, once you got past the overgrowth, it opened up into a clearing.

Their treasure ranged from bones, to slippers and anything they find on their adventures. It is an old brick construction, with an entrance at the front, but that's all blocked up with bricks, however there is a secret entrance, that only Daisy can get into. Daisy is very proud she is the only one who can get inside.

Pug and Daisy have had many adventures and will have many more. Who said humans were the smartest species on the planet, my money is on Daisy and Pug.