anja's magical unicorn
written & illustrated by Grandad


Anja lives in New Zealand with her mum and dad and brother and sister. It was Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining and she was on the beach with her family and they were having a lovely time. Anja was playing catch on the beach with her brother and sister, when her brother threw the ball so far, they had to go and find it. As she was looking a voice said "Anja the ball is over here." Anja turned to say thank you and she was surprised to see standing next to her, was a beautiful pink unicorn.

"It's okay Anja, only you can see me." Anja's sister Stella came over and said "Who are you talking to?" Anja winked at the unicorn and the unicorn winked back and then replied "was just talking to myself". With that they went back to their brother and continued to play, as they played, Anja wondered if she would see the unicorn again.



A few days later Anja was passing the bus station with her mum, when her mum stopped to chat to a friend of hers. "Hello Anja", Anja looked around and by a bus stop was another unicorn. Anja was confused it was a different colour, however the magical unicorn, knew what she was thinking and giggled. "When I wake up. I decide what colour I want to be, that's part of the fun, of being a magical unicorn." Said the unicorn. "Why are you at the bus stop?" asked Anja.

Again the unicorn giggled and replied " that's easy Anja, my hooves are killing me, so I thought I would catch a bus. The unicorn went onto explain that she only has a certain amount of magical power each day, but that was okay, as nobody can see her, except Anja. She continued to tell Anja she was training to be a magical unicorn and she should have been a full time magical unicorn 6 months ago but and whispered in Anja's ear " but, I am naughty unicorn and keep playing tricks on people."



Anja asked the unicorn what her name was, the unicorn replied "Harmony." The unicorn then told Anja, that she could take her anywhere she wanted to go and while they were gone time stopped still. Anja thought for a moment and then said, " I have always wanted to visit the moon to see if it's really made of cheese. " Then there was a flash and they were on the moon. The unicorn was giggling, as when they landed on the moon she had put a chef's hat on Anja's head and filled her bowl with moon rock.

Anja laughed and said " guess that's answered my question. "They both giggled and another flash and they were back at the bus station. Anja was about to ask the unicorn another question, when a voice boomed "Harmony, you have been up to your old tricks again." Anja asked who is that, Harmony replied "oh it is my boss, we call him captain baggy-pants." Harmony said she had to go. but would be back soon and then she was gone.




It was nearly two weeks until Anja saw Harmony again and in the most unusual place. It was the weekend and Anja's dad was taking them to the Te Papa museum in Wellington. They all loved going there and once there, they walked round looking at all the exhibits. They came to a section on canoes and boats and there large as life was Harmony sitting on top of a canoe. "Hello." said Anja, "hello" replied Harmony.

Harmony then went on to explain, that she had played one too many tricks and had been grounded for a week and had to clean out the stables twice a day. Harmony explained that unicorns produce more muck than horses and that she had learned her lesson for a while. Anja giggled she liked Harmony, she was great fun. For the rest of the day Harmony kept popping up all over the place, but as they headed to the station, Harmony was gone.


Anja was a little sad that Harmony had disappeared, she had really enjoyed having her around today. She made her giggle, especially when they were in the restaurant and Harmony kept blowing in her dad's ear and every time he turned around, Harmony would pinch some of his chips. Anja's dad is very clever, but he could not work out where his chips were going. Soon, they were on the platform waiting for their train, after 10 minutes it arrived and before she could get on the train with her dad, someone pushed past. It was Harmony, Anja giggled and was so happy to see her again.

Harmony went on to say after all that walking, she needed to rest, with that they both giggled. On the train they played i-spy to pass the time. For the first time Anja noticed, while they were chatting and playing no one saw she was talking to Harmony. Soon they were home and Harmony walked up to the front door with her, then Harmony said "I am really tired, I need to sleep, so I will see you soon. " With that she was gone.



Next day it was a school day, so everyone had a quick supper and got ready for bed. When Anja opened her bedroom door she had a big surprise, fast asleep on her bed was Harmony. Harmony opened one eye saw it was Anja and said " I told you I was tired and your bed is so comfy." They both giggled and Harmony moved over so Anja could get in. They were both very tired and both fell asleep straight away.



When Anja's mum called her to get up, Harmony was gone. She got ready for school, ate breakfast and with her mum she went off to school. As she walked into school Harmony trotted over, once again in a different colour, she asked Anja what they were going to learn today. Anja started to tell Harmony and Harmony yawned and then said "soon I will take you to Unicornis where I am from and to my school and we will learn some smashing stuff." Anja turned to answer Harmony, but she had already gone.



After a few days Harmony appeared for 10 minutes, very excited and told Anja, she was going to take her to Unicornis on Saturday, to meet her mum and dad and her brother. Also she was going to take her to unicorn school for a day. Anja had so many questions but before she could ask one question, Harmony said "see you Saturday, lots to do and I need to tidy my bedroom." With a giggle, she was gone. Anja giggled, Harmony was fun and wondered what Unicornis was like.

Saturday came and Anja was very excited and true to her word, Harmony arrived. She then told Anja, not to worry while she is away, time will stand still. With that, they were in Unicornis, it really was like a magical fairyland. Harmony's parents greeted Anja, she had to giggle when Harmony said "Mother and Father this is Anja." Harmony gave her one of those looks which said "not a word." Later when they were alone Anja said "Mother and Father?" Harmony explained that her parents had sent her to the best school and at home she had to talk posh. With that they both giggled and continued exploring Unicornis.



For a few hours they explored, after a while they were both hungry and went back to Harmony's home to have lunch. As the walked Anja had an awful thought, what if for lunch it was hay, I can't be rude and not eat it. Harmony guessed what Anja was thinking and giggled, my mum knows what humans love to eat and is making you a special lunch and with that they entered Harmony's home. Harmony was right, the lunch was amazing and Anja was sleepy and so was Harmony, so they laid on the grass and were soon fast asleep.

After their nap, Anja asked Harmony what it was like to be a magical unicorn. Harmony giggled and replied "would you like to try?" "Oh yes please." said Anja. Harmony called to her mother and explained to her, what Anja would like to do. Harmony's mum touched Anja's shoulder and the next moment she was on the beach near to her home, galloping along, she looked down and she was a unicorn. She looked and some of her friends were on the beach having a picnic, she trotted over and stood next to them and nobody could see her. She giggled, this is going to be fun and bent down and ate a chocolate biscuit and she was about to have another one, when she was back with Harmony and her mum.



Harmony's mum asked Anja, was there anywhere else she would like to visit. Anja replied that her Nanny and Grandad lived in England and she would so love to visit London again. Harmony's mum looked sad when she replied " Yes you can go there but I have something to tell you." Anja wondered what it was, Harmony's mum continued to say "well it's England and it's raining." Everyone fell about laughing when Anja produced an umbrella. "Ready?" Said Harmony, Anja nodded and in a flash they were in London and yes it was raining. As Anja looked around she could see there were Christmas decorations everywhere, she smiled, as she loved Christmas.




After a short walk, Anja said to Harmony "when we get to Regent street, we can hop on a bus." Harmony replied "race you." With that she was gone, when Anja got to Regent street, for a moment she could not see Harmony, then she saw her and burst out laughing, there was Harmony laying on top of a bus. "Harmony, that is not exactly what I meant, I meant for us to travel inside the bus." Said Anja. With that they both giggled and Harmony joined her and asked where they were going next. "Well I wanted to go inside Hamleys the toy shop, but it's closed now, so we can't," replied Anja. "Erm hello, unicorn here and not only that a magical unicorn, so your wish is my command." said Harmony.



They were in the middle of Hamley's, Anja didn't know where to go first, well she did, as she loves teddy bears and went straight to them. Anja and Harmony spent the next 3 hours going from one department to the next. Anja could have spent all night there, but when she found Harmony fast asleep among the teddy bears, she knew it was time to go. Back with Harmony's mum, they told her all about their adventure in London and she burst out laughing when Anja told her how she had found Harmony on top of the bus. "That's my Harmony," said Harmony's mum.



As they continued to chat, Anja began to yawn, so many adventures in one day had made her very sleepy. "Harmony, take Anja to the sleeping huts for our guests." Said Harmony's mum. " okay mum " replied Harmony and with that led Anja to the sleeping huts. It was just a five minutes walk and it was one of the most beautiful places Anja had ever seen. It was so peaceful, everywhere she looked, Anja could see unicorns, as Harmony led her to one of the sleeping huts. The bed was covered in soft feathers and within minutes Anja was fast asleep. Harmony had a quick peep and smiled, she enjoyed being with Anja and looked forward to many adventures.




"Anja, Anja, wake up you have been day dreaming, have you found the ball?" Said her brother Theo. Anja looked around and saw her brother standing there, she wondered had it been a dream. She looked around more and then saw a teddy bear on the sand dune and then she saw in the sky, Harmony flying away. I knew it wasn't a dream Anja said to herself. "What did you say?" Asked her brother. "Oh nothing," replied Anja. As she helped her brother search for the ball, Harmony swooped down and whispered in her ear "see you soon Anja," and was gone. Anja smiled and looked in her hand and there was her brother's ball, now that's magic.