Scoobie's Adventures with willow

 written & illustrated by Grandad


"Now have you got all that? Said Scoobie. Willow and Barney nodded, but Scoobie was not sure, so went over the plan again. They were to meet at mid-night outside the kitchen door. Scoobie had spent the morning watching where all the juicy food had gone, when the shopping was unpacked. Then Scoobie drew up a plan which they had studied carefully. However, every time a human appeared, they begun barking and woofing and stopped speaking in English.

Scoobie and Willow had their favourite humans and there was one couple in particular they loved, they didn't own a dog, but Scoobie and Willow loved them. They always stayed in the same room and Scoobie and Willow visited them often in their room. But, Scoobie and Willow still only barked and woofed with them.



Barney found this funny, as with him, there were a number of people, he could stand on two legs and speak English. Sometimes when Scoobie got caught doing something she shouldn't be doing, she had been known to say the odd English word, but luckily no one heard her, Barney did see the funny side of it, as their owners had taken them all to the beach in the afternoon. With their owners, they barked and jumped up and down, but when they chased the ball, Scoobie would say. "Okay, where will you find the sausages in the kitchen?"

Barney replied "The big fridge, top shelf." Every time they chased the ball, Scoobie continued to ask questions. However, all Willow kept saying as they chased the ball, was " mmmm sausages, oh sausages mmm." The rest of the dogs staying at the B+B, were in on the plan and were to provide a diversion if anyone appeared.



So, I know you are asking yourself, where is this all happening. Well let me tell you, the owners of Scoobie and Willow own an amazing dog friendly B+B in Torquay in Devon. Scoobie was the Queen of all dogs and as Willow was still the puppy, all the dogs looked up to Scoobie. Scoobie had a notebook listing all the puppies who come to the B+B and what their talents were and what she needed to do to train them up. As for the dogs who regularly visited the B+B, Scoobie knew them all and looked forward to their visits. It was good to catch up, when the owners were not around and have a good old gossip.



The dog who everyone called "the prof", studied the plans and told Scoobie if everyone did their job, they would all be enjoying some wonderful food by 1 in the morning. Willow got so excited that she almost said "oh oh sausages" as her owners came into the room, but just in time Scoobie stood on her paw to stop her. So the plan was put into operation, the first part was to act normally, to do all the doggie things with their owners, in the bar and when out going for a walk. Every dog had their eye on Scoobie, waiting to put part two of the plan into operation. The only problem Scoobie could see, was Willow, that she would shout out "sausages" at the wrong time.



Scoobie, had a quiet moment on her walk that afternoon and was sure everything would be okay. Scoobie waited until it was 11.30 p.m. and put part two of the plan into operation, she did her party trick of backing up and lifting her head before barking, that was the signal for the other dogs to start making a fuss and encouraging their owners to take them back to their rooms. Within 20 minutes all the owners and dogs were back in their rooms. The owners of the B&B had cleared away and Scoobie and Willow were in their beds. All Scoobie had to do was wait for her owners to fall asleep.



Scoobie, went over the plan in her head and hoped it all worked out. At 45 minutes past midnight, they all gathered outside the kitchen door. The first part of the plan went well and the three of them entered the kitchen and found the food they were looking for. Just as they were leaving the kitchen one of the owners appeared on the stairs, so as planned the other dogs made a diversion, by running up and down the stairs preventing the owner from coming down. As this was going on, Scoobie, Willow and Barney stashed the food in the dining room and left one dog to guard it.

An hour later after it had all quietened down, they went back to the dining room, only to find most of the food gone. Bertie looked at them and said "sorry Scoobie, I was hungry, you know I love food." Scoobie looked at Willow and said "why did you put him in charge of the food?" Willow just replied "woof."



"Scoobie, Willow where are you?" Everyone froze and Scoobie said " scram." Everyone disappeared back to their rooms and Scoobie and Willow trotted off back to their beds. The only problem was Bertie did not move and carried on eating and was caught red handed. In the morning Bertie was really in the dog house, but Scoobie had a quiet word with him, when no-one was looking. "Don't worry Bertie, the next raid, we will save some of the food for you, I will bury it in the garden and keep it safe, until your next visit.



Now I know, you are wondering how do these dogs manage to get out the rooms in the B+B. Well a regular visitor was Locky and his owners, he was called Locky because his owners were locksmiths. Early on in his life Locky watched his owners at their locksmiths and while they were out, Locky learnt his skills. During his visits at the B+B he would teach all the new dogs to pick a lock and get out of the room. Scoobie told them to make sure that nobody sees this, so that everyone can have fun. So usually while everybody was resting in the afternoon from their trips out, the new dogs gathered to learn how to pick a lock.



Mind you, Barney was not very happy when Scoobie and Willow and their owners picked him up with his owners at the station. He was excited to see Scoobie and Willow, however, they were more interested in the huge bag of doggy treats, Barney's owners had bought with them. As they travelled the short distance back to the B+B, Willow and Scoobie, kept their eyes on the doggy treats. At the B+B Barney and his owners went to their room and shut the door, Scoobie and Willow sat outside the door, they could not believe they had missed the doggy treats.

"Scoobie how did you let that happen?" said Willow. Scoobie just replied "woof" and went downstairs, Willow stayed for a while, she could smell them through the gap at the bottom of the door. But when she heard Barney eating one, it was too much and went downstairs. Later in the hallway, they met up with Barney, who asked them to wait, ran upstairs and came back with 3 treats each. Never were two dogs more happier.



Once a week, Scoobie had a party, to say goodbye to those leaving and hello to those who had arrived. One week however, while Scoobie and Willow were out walking with their owner, a group of new dogs to the B+B, decided they wanted a party of their own. The radio was on in the bar, their owners were sleeping, so they came downstairs. Soon they were dancing, generally having fun, but had forgotten Scoobie's golden rule, post a look out.

As Willow and Scoobie returned, they heard the noise before their owner, Scoobie told Willow to run up and have a look, which she did and ran back and told Scoobie what she had seen. "Okay, Willow, I need a diversion." said Scoobie. Willow spotted a squirrel in a tree and started to chase it. Giving Scoobie time to run to the door and give her danger signal. Suddenly all you could hear was scurrying and then silence.




Scoobie and the others entered the bar and it was empty, the signal had worked. "Strange I thought I heard something." said Scoobie's owner. Later that evening, Scoobie had a very strong word, well quite a few strong words with the dogs. She told them, that she was in charge and that with her everyone had fun. But, if everyone started to do what they wanted, someone will end up getting caught and then no-one would have any fun, well apart from dog fun.



One of Scoobie's best friends, was a dog who regularly visited and was a very keen gardener. Scoobie used to joke with him that he was an upside down dog, as dogs are meant to dig holes and bury things in a garden. This always made them giggle, but what made Scoobie giggle the most, was that her owner loved gardening and when she used to go back into the B+B, this dog used to sneak out and finish the work the owner had started. Scoobie used to think her owner must have thought she had a fairy gardener in the garden and Scoobie loved laying in the sun giggling, watching her owner trying to work it out.



One of the new arrivals, kept scratching and complained his owners had bought him a new blanket, which was very itchy. Three of the other dogs offered to wash it for him, Scoobie never could understand why certain dogs loved doing housework, but they did. So in the morning while Scoobie's owners were cleaning the rooms. Scoobie showed the dogs to the laundry and told them. if they were caught, she would deny any knowledge of their actions. Yes, you guessed it, the dogs put the blanket in the washing machine and got bored waiting, looked around and found some party hats and some other things, started to play and got caught.



When they were caught, Scoobie entered the laundry the same time as her owners, when she saw what the dogs had done, she run into the hallway, rolled onto her back and laughed and laughed. Scoobie giggled even more when they walked past and whispered " good try, if you go out later, I will leave some treats for you under the trees. " A voice from bar said "treats, did someone say treats." Scoobie looked down the hall and there was Willow, who a few seconds ago had been fast asleep in one of the chairs.

"Willow, they are for those dogs who just got caught in the laundry, just remember our raid on the kitchen and sausages." replied Scoobie. With that Willow went straight back to sleep dreaming of sausages.



It was no secret, Scoobie and Willow loved riding on the trains, where they live it was not far to a steam railway, which they really enjoyed. When it was not too busy in the B+B, their owners took them on many trips and they both loved it when it included a train ride.



One day while out on a walk and they were resting, Willow started to wave. "Willow what are you doing?" asked Scoobie. "Oh Scoobie you are being silly, I am practicing my waving, for the next time we go on the Dartmouth Steam Railway." replied Willow. "Why?" said Scoobie. Willow looked at Scoobie, giggled and said " don't you remember when we go past Goodrington Sands, the people on the beach wave at the train, I want to wave back and watch them fall off their deckchairs and drop their ice creams. They both giggled so loud, their owners almost heard them, so they just barked to cover up the giggling.



As the last raid on the kitchen had failed, Scoobie realised she needed more dogs to make sure that this raid was going to be a success. So she told Willow to round up the dogs from the surrounding houses, who were their friends and who could help. After 30 minutes Willow returned and found Scoobie sleeping on her favourite chair and said " Have rounded up our friends and they are waiting in the garden for you." Scoobie was impressed, Willow had done this really quickly and smiled as she trotted outside. However, that smile lasted about 5 seconds, when Scoobie saw who Willow had bought back.

"Willow you really have not got the hang of this, the clue was in the word dog." said Scoobie. Everyone laughed including the cats, who did a high 5 with Scoobie and left, with Scoobie promising them a piece of fish from the raid for their trouble.



After another 30 minutes, Willow had bought all their friends to the garden and Scoobie had rounded up all the dogs who were staying at the B+B. Scoobie had waited for this particular week, as she knew all the dogs who were coming and that they were all keen to be part of this raid. A couple of the dogs had to work on their owners, to make sure they came this week and here they all were. Scoobie told them about the raid, everyone loved it, she told them the training would start tomorrow morning. Scoobie asked if anyone had any questions and one dog asked " so does that mean we are commandos, can we wear camouflage?"

Scoobie thought about it for a moment and said "no to the camouflage, but yes you can be commandos." Everyone cheered and Scoobie started to say " Your mission if you choose to accept it............", "Scoobie you watch too much TV" they all said. Everyone laughed and then went back inside and back to their houses.



So that evening, all the dogs encouraged their owners to go to bed early, as in the morning they would start training, for the raid on the kitchen. Next morning, on the beach, Scoobie and Willow could see all the dogs gathered. As they run over, Scoobie could not believe what she saw, one of the dogs was actually wearing trainers. "Why are you wearing trainers?" asked Scoobie. The dog looked confused, thought for a moment and then replied "Scoobie you said wear trainers today." Scoobie went onto explain they were starting to train for their raid on the kitchen. "Oops" said the dog.



Scoobie and Willow went to have a chat. They discussed the other dogs that Willow bought from the other houses. "Tell me again why did you pick him?" asked Scoobie. "You know why, he is the fastest dog, of all of us." replied Willow. Scoobie giggled and remembered all the times, this dog had got them out of some tricky situations with his speed. Scoobie laughed out loud and said "perhaps that's why he is wearing his trainers, so he can make a quick getaway." They both giggled and went back to the other dogs and started the training.



Three days later, Scoobie decided to give his commando's the afternoon off, as the training had gone so well in the morning. Scoobie took them to a private beach she knew and they were very happy to be there. Scoobie ordered 10 glasses of coke and 10 ice creams. After the last raid on the kitchen had failed with Willow and Barney, Scoobie was determined this raid was going to be a success. So she wanted them all relaxed for the raid in two nights time.



Scoobie had spent that morning taking them through their paces. She had set out the kitchen in the sand and gone through the plan with the commandos. She had got them down to 45 seconds to enter the kitchen and locate the fridges and freezers in the dark. She had divided them into two groups, one group to bring out all that lovely food and the other group to be on guard duty and act as a diversion if anybody turned up.



It was the afternoon of the day before the raid on the kitchen, the commandos were as ready as they were ever going to be. Both Scoobie and Willow were exhausted and were having a sleep on their favourite chairs. Although they were giggling too, watching the owners trying to encourage their dogs to go for a walk, but like Scoobie and Willow they just wanted to rest up. One dog was so determined not to go out for walk, he had all four legs against the door frame, so he did not go out. In the end his owners gave up and took him back to the room, as he passed, he winked and Scoobie nearly fell out of the chair laughing.



Next morning, Scoobie and Willow went down to the beach with their owners, they loved this special time. What no one knew was Scoobie had a secret stash of bones and treats she had buried on the beach. So while Willow distracted their owners by chasing a seagull, Scoobie made sure her secret stash was still there, which it was. When Willow came back, she was acting a bit strange, she kept putting her paw on the nose. Then pointing to her nose with her paw, "what is going on?" thought Scoobie. Then one of her owners said "Have you been digging in the sand Scoobie?"

Before Scoobie could do anything, Willow came running over barking and then whispered "you have sand all over your nose." So all Scoobie could do was answer "woof." As they continued to walk, Scoobie whispered "Thanks Willow."



The only one who was truly busy was "the prof", he was putting the final touches to the plan to raid the kitchen that evening. Every dog over the past few days had been passing information on the movements of everybody in the B+B, as well as what food supplies they had seen arrive. He was not going on the raid, but of course would get his share of the food. The prof was very proud of his work and was sad when the last raid failed, it wasn't his fault, just the wrong dog had been put in charge of guarding the food. This time 2 dogs would guard the food and Scoobie and Willow would check on them every hour.



In the afternoon after lunch, their owners took them to the forest to have a good walk. It was a lovely afternoon, the sun was shining and they were both very excited about the raid that evening. Every so often Willow would say "sausages" and start running around. She got so excited at one point she did not see the pony in front of her and shouted out "sausages". The pony looked at her and said "oh my sausages mmmm." Willow looked around, saw no one was there and said "so do ponies love sausages too?" The pony giggled and replied "do we love sausages, you better believe it."



That evening in the hallway, the bar and outside in the garden, Scoobie went from one dog to the next and gave them their final instructions. Mind you Willow gave Scoobie a scare, she came into the garden with a rain coat on and an umbrella in her mouth. Willow then said " It's going to rain early in the morning, so I am prepared." Scoobie stood there open mouthed and could not say anything, then everyone started to giggle and realised Willow was pulling her leg. The Prof had worked out, that this time the raid would be at 2 in the morning, as the last raid failed, because it was too early.

The plan was from 10, the dogs would start to encourage their owners to go to bed. Scoobie had no need to tell the dogs how to do that, as each dog knew how to control their owner. Scoobie wanted every owner and dog in their rooms by no later than 11.



Every dog over the past few days, had spent hours under a blanket, practicing unlocking a door lock, so that there was no need to turn any lights on. Now each dog could pick a lock in their sleep. Mind you there was one dog who had trouble picking a lock, who was under the blanket for 20 minutes. Scoobie in the end lifted the blanket, only to find the dog facing the wrong way. The dog looked at Scoobie and said "oops silly me." Everyone giggled and carried on practicing.



By 11.15, the B+B was quiet, the owners had finished cleaning up the bar and also had retired. Scoobie and Willow, were laying on the bed, Scoobie was sure she could see sausages in Willow's eyes. Hidden under one of the pillows was the shopping list, it was a long list and the Prof had told them, the longest they could safely be in the kitchen was 4 minutes, so everything had to go like clock work. While Willow had a little nap, Scoobie went over the plan, one more time, looked at the clock and saw it was 30 minutes to go.

Scoobie just could not sleep, she was too excited, she had to stop herself giggling however, because all she could hear from Willow was " sausages, oh sausages, oh I so love sausages mmmmmm."



Scoobie eyes after 10 minutes started to close, she thought I can have 10 minutes and immediately went to sleep, as she did she started to have this really weird dream about the raid. She woke up, worried she had overslept, but had only been asleep 15 minutes and when she looked at the clock, there was 5 minutes go. Scoobie giggled as she remembered the dream and decided she really needed to watch less TV. She gently woke up Willow, who immediately jumped into action and went to the door with a blanket.

She quietly went over to Willow and said " you don't need a blanket, its dark. Willow looked at her and replied "oops. " Dropped the blanket on the floor and pushed it to one side with her paw.



Scoobie and Willow quietly left the room and headed to the bar, there they found all the commandos gathered ready for the raid. So not to wake anyone, everything was done by signals and Scoobie raised her paw, the commandos divided into their groups and they began. The first group were the sentries and were positioned all over the B+B, to raise the alarm and cause a division if needed. The second group was the raiding party lead by Scoobie and the third group was to hide the food in a safe location. Scoobie stood there for a second, looked around, she was very proud of her commandos.



Scoobie watched as Locky unlocked the door to the kitchen, it took him only a few seconds to open it. He stood by the door and as the raiding party entered the kitchen, he started his stop watch, everyone knew they had just 4 minutes. Scoobie watched as all that training paid off, as each pair of commandos went straight to their fridge or freezer in the dark. At the doorway was Willow with her group, ready to take the food and place it in the safe location. Within the first minute the two main fridges had been stripped of the food they wanted and was being carried by Willow and her group to it's safe location.



Scoobie watched as within the 4 minutes, everything that was on the list had been taken out of the kitchen and was at the safe location. The location had been kept secret from everyone, to ensure it stayed safe. It had been left to Billie, who had worked with Scoobie before. He had told Scoobie it was secure, that it was a spare freezer in a shed in the back garden of his B+B two doors away, which was always on, but never used. After everyone was back in their rooms, Scoobie sneaked out to met up with Billie, to see all their treasure. Only to find Billie outside his B+B shivering with cold, Scoobie stopped in her tracks, "this does not look good" she thought.



Billie went onto explain that on the last trip to the freezer, one of the dogs had fallen over a dustbin, the owner had come down, seen all the food in the freezer and put a huge padlock on it. Locky had tried to pick it, but admitted it was a really good lock. Right at that moment Scoobie's owner came walking towards Billie's B+B, Scoobie dived into the bushes with Billie and watched as the freezer was unlocked and heard "yes that's ours." Next all you could hear was "Scoobie, Billie." It really had turned out to be Mission Impossible.



This story is dedicated to the memory of Scoobie