written & illustrated by grandad


"Hello my name is Barney, can you tell me why you are so sad, can you see my very big ears, that means you can tell me anything."



"Thank you Barney, why is it you can see I am sad and no one else does? "



"Barney, I am sad because I don't fit in anywhere, other children bully me and my friends make fun of me. Barney can you help me?"



"Yes, I can help you, you need to walk away from those bullies and stop talking to them. Let's go for a walk and talk as we walk."



"When I was a young puppy, I was bullied too. Finally, I told my mum and she was very happy I told her about the bullying, I can tell mum anything."



"Oh Barney, should I tell my mum? Just the bullies told me not to tell anyone, not my mum and dad, teachers, no one. Can I really tell my mum?"



"Yes, you need to tell your mum and dad or your teacher, no one will judge you and they will help you make this better."



Thinks, the bullies and even my friends call me silly, ugly, fatty and stupid. Better not tell Barney, he won't like me anymore.



"I know what you are thinking, I was the same when I was a puppy, I was called names, picked on, left out, but once I told mum, it all changed."



"But, Barney why do they call me names, hurt me and gang up on me, every day my little stomach hurts and I get bad headaches."




"I know you feel scared, upset and lonely, that you are crying inside, just remember you are no longer alone and it's not your fault."



"Just be proud of who you are, it is the bullies who have the problem, not you, you are who you are, an individual, unique and special, it's not your fault."



"Bullies make you feel scared, sad, alone, angry, sick and unsafe, it gives them power, but when you tell, their power disappears."



"Yes, Barney, I worry so much I can't do my homework, everything that was fun, is no longer fun, the bullies ruin everything I try to do, how do I stop that?"



"You need to spend more time with other children, who make you laugh, happy, smile and make you feel safe and loved."



"See what fun it is just to play, to giggle and just be a child."



"I miss my friends Barney, the bullies turn them against me, I feel so alone Barney and find it really hard to sleep."



"I used to be the same, then I told my mum and I stopped being like that, bullies use fear, once I told my mum, the fear went."



"At school I am often ignored and left out and never allowed to join in, Barney I hate going to school, I can't think properly and miss my favourite lessons."



"Once you tell your mum and dad and with your parent's help tell your teacher too, the bullying will stop. It's what I did, I loved school like you and the bullying stopped."



"Every child is like a butterfly in the wind, some fly higher than others, but each fly the best they can, each child is special, beautiful, different and there is no need to compare."



"Barney I don't feel sad or lonely anymore, when I get home, I am going to tell my mum and dad and tell my teacher at school."



"That makes me very very happy, woof woof, let's get you home, so you can talk to your mum and dad. "