Roxanne and Nanny on Holiday
written & illustrated by grandad


Nanny and Roxanne had been friends for many years on the farm and this was their first holiday together. "I just hope I have packed everything I need" said Roxanne. They both looked at the amount of cases she had and burst out laughing. Roxanne had organised the whole holiday and Nanny was a little nervous, all she really knew, was they were going around Europe, or so she thought.



At the airport Nanny was not very happy as Roxanne had a first-class ticket and she did not. She watched as Roxanne got herself booked in. Then an attendant came over and took Nanny's bags and her over to first class. "Oh, Nanny your face was such a picture, we are both travelling first-class, your ticket was just a pretend one." Said Roxanne giggling. Nanny roared with laughter and cuddled Roxanne.



Roxanne had even hidden from Nanny their first destination, they were going to New York for a weekend of shopping before flying on to Venice. An hour into the flight Roxanne popped to see Nanny in her seat, Nanny was asleep, exhausted from all the excitement. Roxanne was so happy to see Nanny so happy and excited.



Arriving in New York their first goal was to have a silly photo taken in Times Square, 2 hours after landing, which they managed with minutes to spare. On the farm their nickname is giggle sisters, as they are always giggling, being silly and playing jokes on each other. They both work very hard on the farm, so this was their time to have fun, shop and be competitive and be giggle sisters.



After all the travelling and excitement, they were very tired, so grabbed a yellow cab to their hotel. The hotel was really beautiful and Nanny was amazed they were staying there. Although they were really tired, when Roxanne saw the bathroom, she could not resist having a quick bath, by the time she had finished having her bath, Nanny was already fast asleep.



Nanny was very keen after breakfast to go and visit the Empire State Building and as it was a very sunny day wanted to go to the observation deck and look at the view. Roxanne did not like heights, but she was alright in lifts, however when she got to the deck, Nanny had to giggle as Roxanne had tied her tail around a post near the lift. Roxanne was giggling too and said, "I will get you giggle sister."



After some lunch, it was time to shop, they grabbed a yellow cab to fifth avenue to do some serious shopping. Nanny bought her farmer husband a brand new phone, Roxanne bought a dress for the farm's Christmas party. In Bloomingdales a gentleman came up to Nanny and said "excuse me, are you the famous Nanny from England?" Nanny replied "yes I am, do you know me?" Suddenly she heard a roar of laughter and heard Roxanne say "told you I would get you."



After a short nap back at the hotel, they decided to go to Chinatown for the evening, as the following afternoon, they needed to catch their flight to Venice. Around 8 the cab arrived and off they went to Chinatown. They had a really good meal, but Roxanne being Roxanne ate far more than she should and got a stomach ache. When she told Nanny, Nanny said "which one?" and they both fell about laughing, as a cow has 4 stomachs.



In the morning after breakfast, Roxanne trotted off to the hotel's beauty parlour, she wanted to look her best, as she had heard that the Italian bulls were very handsome and she just loved the Italian language. As Nanny had 3 hours to spare she decided to take a walk around Central Park, as she was missing the farm. Later, she told Roxanne it was one of the most beautiful parks she had ever seen.



The flight between New York and Venice took 11 hours and Roxanne was too excited to sleep, so they watched movies and chatted and giggled all the way. When they got to Venice, there was a car waiting for them to take them to the water taxi. Roxanne had no idea what the chauffeur was saying, all she knew was it sounded romantic.




When Nanny woke up in the bedroom, the sun was shining through the French doors. Standing in the doorway was a stranger wearing a mask. "OMG who are you?" Said Nanny "Its me Roxanne, don't you recognise me?" Replied Roxanne. "Phew, it was the mask, I didn't recognise you" said Nanny. "Really?" said a shocked Roxanne. "Lol, just kidding." Replied Nanny. They giggled for hours after that.



At mid-day they headed off to a cookery class, where they were going to learn how to make real pizza's. Well to be honest Nanny was going to learn and Roxanne was going to eat it. Roxanne absolutely loved Nanny's cooking. By 1 o clock the pizzas were ready, Roxanne nearly burnt her hooves, as the pizzas were so hot, she didn't care, the delicious smell was driving her crazy, she just had to have the pizza.



One of the games the giggling sisters loved to play, was to buy each other a silly gift. Then they would ask someone to judge which one is the silliest, so far, this year, Nanny is winning 5 gifts to 2. The budget for the gift today, is one euro. This was going to be a real contest, as Venice is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Roxanne and Nanny found this very exciting and went shopping.



They had agreed to meet up again in 3 hours, Nanny was finding it hard to find anything. Then after 30 minutes she found a shop which made masks and other things, but the shop was a real mess. The owner told Nanny his cleaner had left, Nanny smiled and said I can clean for you for 2 hours, on the understanding you sell me a 20 euros item for 1 euro. The owner agreed and Nanny started cleaning.



"Nanny did you really pay a euro for that, it's handmade and very beautiful? "asked Roxanne. "Yes, I did, you saw the receipt, "replied Nanny smiling. All Roxanne had managed to get was a carrot that looked like it had two legs. "Nanny you win, I can't beat that, "said Roxanne. Nanny laughed out loud and then told Roxanne the story. "Oh, Nanny you are so sneaky." Said Roxanne, giggling all the time.



As it was their last night in Venice, they decided to attend the festival. After a while they came across a group of singers. Roxanne was soon singing along as they stood in the crowd. Everyone loved her singing and the singers asked her to join them. Roxanne being Roxanne, did not need to be asked twice and was soon in the front of the singers taking centre stage "That's my Roxanne." Said Nanny smiling away.



Next morning, they caught their plane to Spain, for the last 4 days of their holiday. At the airport Roxanne was so happy, when a couple recognised her from last night and wanted their photo taken with her. On the plane Roxanne talked and talked about being recognised. They arrived in Spain and as it had been a long day they were soon fast asleep, mind you Roxanne kept singing in her sleep.



On the first full day in Spain, they decided to have a sandcastle competition. To make it fair, they put up a wind break between them, so there could be no cheating. They set a limit of 2 hours and asked some people from the hotel to judge it later. After 2 hours the wind break was taken away, Nanny's sandcastle was traditional, Roxanne's however was a sculptured castle. "Erm who are those people?" asked Nanny, "What people? replied Roxanne giggling. Yes, Nanny won and they still giggled.



The weather was wonderful, sunny and very hot, the farm seemed far away. They enjoyed having a drink in the hotel's outside bar, that looked over the sea. Nanny enjoyed a glass of red wine and Roxanne enjoyed a carton of the local milk, she said it had a different taste, but was very nice. Tonight, they were going out, as both of them wanted to learn flamenco dancing, they just needed to buy castanets each.



The dancing was amazing, but very fast, Roxanne and Nanny tried it, but Roxanne kept falling over and Nanny got very tired. So, they decided to sit at one of the tables and click their castanets and enjoy a meal. They tried to serve Roxanne chicken, but she was worried it was one of the chickens from the farm, so she just had the salad and a glass of milk.



The next morning, they decided to spend the morning on the beach, after sunbathing for a while, they decided to try out one of the banana boats. "I don't know what all the fuss is about, it's not difficult." Said Roxanne. "Yes, I agree," replied Nanny. "Mind you, maybe next time we should try it in the water," said Nanny laughing. With that they both fell off the banana boat, in fits of laughter.



After lunch they decided to play their silly gift game again, this time they agreed on spending up to 3 euros and spending an hour looking for it. Roxanne was determined to win this time and found the perfect silly gift, which was a straw donkey and returned to their meeting place. However, Nanny had not arrived yet and someone had left a sombrero on the beach.



Roxanne decided she would try it on, she picked it up and got the biggest shock of her life, as under the sombrero was Nanny. Nanny roared with laughter and said "now how silly was that, I knew you couldn't resist trying the sombrero on." All Roxanne could do was roll around the sand in a fit of giggles, she looked at Nanny and said "you win, you win."



On the plane, they chatted and laughed about their holiday. They had really enjoyed themselves and promised each other they will do it again. However, they agreed, once they got back to the home, they needed a rest, as the holiday had been so exhausting. Back on the farm, as soon as they got out of the taxi, it poured with rain, they looked at each other and just giggled. They really were the giggle sisters.