Baby's adventure
written & illustrated by grandad


Little Peter decided he would spend an hour or so sitting in his dad's car. But, when he got to the garage and opened the doors, he had the biggest shock of his life, sitting on the bonnet was baby. "How did you get here baby?" Baby looked at little Peter, giggled and said " it's a secret." They both giggled and went into the garden. "Can I stay Peter, I will be a good elephant."

Little Peter looked at baby, he thought to himself, how can you say no to a lovely elephant like baby and said "yes baby." Baby jumped for joy and said I want to see London, the seaside and erm, I want to buy some trainers." They both fell to the floor and laughed so much.



Baby suddenly disappeared and 5 minutes later, he came back dragging a tree stump and sat on it. "why did you drag that here baby?" Baby replied "well I know you humans when you use the bathroom, you sit on something, so I was doing the same. First little Peter was stunned, then burst out laughing and said "do you do that in Africa, no, so baby just do what you do in Africa. Baby roared with laugher and said " I was wondering how the tree stump worked" and headed off into the bushes.



The next morning after a good night's sleep, they set off for a day in London. On the train up to London Victoria all the passengers were very keen to speak to baby, asking her what she wanted to see in London. Little Peter nearly fell over when baby produced a travel guide of London from her bag and listed all the places she wanted to visit. They had a problem at the ticket barrier, as baby wanted to go through it, but she was too big, so the ticket collector opened the gate for her and baby turned around and said to him, " thank you my good man" and everyone laughed so much.



Little Peter and baby took photos every where they went. Little Peter loved soldiers and when they saw one on guard duty they just had to have their photos taken. Little Peter giggled because he knew that the guard was not allowed to move and there was this baby elephant right in front of him. When baby first saw the guard, she thought his bearskin was some kind of food, so stretched out her trunk and gave it a good sniff and tugged it hard, little Peter just laughed and laughed.



In the afternoon they went on the London eye, they had a pod to themselves as baby was rather heavy. Baby was so excited when they got to the top of the London eye, she loved being up in the air. She did ask little Peter where were all the trees, she had loved St James park, but she found it strange there were not many trees in London. Seeing all these buildings was amazing for baby, as she could go for days back home and not see one building, not even a village.



As they had lunch on the grass in St James park, baby said to little Peter "back home, when we are sad, we hug it out, it's the same when we feel lonely, we hug it out. Here everyone is rushing around, not really taking notice of one another, don't you hug the sadness out as humans?" Peter replied that it's not a thing humans do very often. Little Peter remembered when he was in Africa, often seeing the elephants hugging the sadness out and how beautiful it was. It made him giggle when he remembered how baby's mum would not stop hugging baby until baby was giggling.



Baby had fallen in love with Westminster bridge and enjoyed nothing more than to walk up and down the bridge. She loved seeing the houses of parliament. She could walk for miles and miles, little Peter however got tired and managed to borrow a scooter, so he could keep up. Baby drew a crowd and everyone wanted to talk to her, but she just wanted to walk up and down the bridge. A bridge was a whole new experience for her. The only trouble was she did not know what was a pavement or a road and kept wandering, so to keep her safe and everyone else safe, the police closed the bridge for her.



They returned to St James Park and sat on the grass, it was really hot and little Peter soon dozed off. When he woke up, baby was not there. He panicked for a few seconds, until he heard splashing and looked around and saw baby splashing around in the lake. For baby it was a natural thing to do and little Peter wondered how he could explain to baby, that she should not be paddling in the lake. He called to baby to come out, but the crowd watching said to let her stay, so he did.



Little Peter saw after all her swimming, baby was very tired and decided it was time to go home, so he took her to Green Park tube station, to get the tube to Victoria station. The only trouble was that the tube drivers seeing an elephant on the platform did not stop. Baby however, remembered seeing people holding out their hands to stop buses. So, the next train that came into the station, she held out her trunk straight and moved it about, the driver was so shocked, he stopped the tube and they got on and went to catch their train at Victoria station.



Every morning little Peter took his dog for a walk on Bookham common, it was a lovely place to walk a dog and he knew all the other dog walkers. Today, everyone was giggling as they saw little Peter and his dog and oh yes his new friend, baby the elephant. Everyone loved baby and baby loved all the attention, especially when they began to give her fruit and someone had a doughnut and she loved it, mmm all that jam.




Baby loved that there were lakes on the common and when she found an old tree trunk, she sat by one of the lakes. She told little Peter that he was lucky to have so much water, that in Africa for a number of months they have a draught and have to walk for days to find water. When little Peter told her, that his water comes out of a tap all year round, it was too much for baby and she said" I need a doughnut." They both laughed and little Peter promised to buy her some from the bakers on the way home.



Baby loved planes, she wished she could fly and be like a bird. So little Peter took her to an airfield and after a long chat with a pilot, it was arranged for baby to do a wing walk. For 45 minutes, baby was in the air, by the time she landed a huge crowd had gathered, as the news of her wing walk spread very quickly. Baby told little Peter and the crowd, she loved being a bird and wish she had wings. Every one laughed and then she said " mmmm flying makes me hungry, can i smell doughnuts."



Little Peter surprised Baby by taking her to the seaside and they went to Brighton for the day. It was one of Baby's wishes to see the sea. So little Peter's mum and dad took them to Brighton, mind you it was a squeeze getting Baby into the back of the car and in the end to entice her in, little Peter put some doughnuts on the back seat.



Baby made quite an impact, drivers could not believe what they saw, an elephant in the back of a car eating doughnuts and every time they past a car, Baby waved her foot. Everyone in the car giggled when baby did that and little Peter's mum said "oh look, she is doing a royal wave." As she said this, little Peter looked at Baby and Baby smiled and gave little Peter a wink.



Baby and little Peter spent the afternoon on the beach building sandcastles. Mind you Baby spent half the time chasing the waves, she just loved the sea. Half way through the afternoon, little Peter's mum and dad bought ice cream for everyone. Trouble was giving an elephant just one ice cream was not enough. in the end the man on the ice cream van, turned the tap on and Baby just swallowed every last drop of the ice cream on the van.



As it was baby's last evening, little Peter took her bowling. It took quite a while to find her a bowling ball that was big enough. The first few throws were a disaster, the ball went everywhere, little Peter told her to throw with less strength and to keep the ball on the ground and not hit the ceiling. They both laughed and after a few more throws, they were ready to begin the game.



Little Peter and Baby started the game and Baby was getting strike after strike, little Peter asked Baby "how do you do that?" Baby looked at little Peter for a moment and then roared with laughter and replied "In Africa when there are no people are around we play cricket and I am a very good bowler." They both giggled and continued to play, the more they played, the bigger the crowd, until only Baby and little Peter were left playing. At the end of the game, little Peter said "so at the beginning you were just pretending not to throw properly?" Baby replied "an elephant never tells," with that everyone burst out laughing.



The next day, Baby had to return to Africa and her family, but there was one last thing she needed to do, buy some trainers. So they caught the train to London and little Peter took her to a very exclusive shoe shop. Baby sat on one of the chairs and waited for the shop owner to bring her the trainers she had fallen in love with. Of course they were pink and she needed two pairs and after what seemed an age, the shop owner appeared with the trainers.



Baby tried them on and they fitted perfectly, the shop owner tried to put them in boxes, but Baby was not going to let go of these trainers now she had them. She then paraded around the shop, with the laces in her mouth and in fact she never let go off them until they were safely home again. On the way to the station and on the train, if anyone got too close to her trainers. she raised her trunk and made a loud trumpeting noise, which really meant "MINE, don't touch."



Finally it was time for Baby to go home, she had really enjoyed her adventure and still she would not let go of her trainers. She was looking forward to going home and telling everyone about her adventures and of course showing off her trainers. Little Peter giggled at the thought of people going on a safari in Africa and seeing a baby elephant wearing pink trainers. With that thought, Baby got into little Peter's dad's car and little Peter wished baby was back in Africa, he closed his eyes and the engine roared. When he opened his eyes Baby was gone, but he knew she would be back soon.